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Tuesday, 18 February 2014


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I love Jimmy Fallon and The u2 gig was fun.

I fell asleep but my 11 year old son stayed up to watch and tweet.

NBC is still looking for a suitable replacement for Johnny Carson.

Most likely won't see it in my lifetime.

I was rather drowsy and almost asleep. Nothing really caught my attention.

I didn't see it, but People magazine's headline says a lot: "Jimmy Fallon Makes Tonight Show Debut with Kim Kardashian, Robert DeNiro & More."

With Kim Kardashian, how could we ask for more? I think she was also a guest on Jay Leno's last show.

[I assume she was in the $100 parade? I have no idea who she is or what she's famous for. Oddly, I am the exact age of Jay Leno's average viewer--to the month. (At least according to one article I read.) So I assume that I'm one of those people Fallon is trying not to alienate while also attracting younger viewers with celebrities people my age don't know. --Mike]

I meant to watch it but then fell asleep... I say this as a Conan fan but, at this point, I think Jimmy Fallon will be a better fit for the Tonight Show than Conan would be.

...have to say, I'm 59, and my pals and I are always talking about how our senses of humor seem to be growing with the culture, but the talk show host thing: not so much. We LOVE Jimmy Fallon, and are glad he's got the gig, always found his stuff great; but we felt the same about Letterman, and then he slowly got "un-funny", did away with a lot of his "bits", and seems to have crossed the tipping point of "wry and funny" to cranky. I think there's a time limit to how long you can do this thing, and it's hard to bow out because it keeps printing money for you...good luck to Jimmy.

(Conan, BTW, nope: east coast Harvard frat boy humor, not gonna last a lifetime).

As a 62 year old I love Jimmy. Have been following him since the SNL days. It took him a while to hit his stride on Late Night so give him a chance. FYI people, he is replacing Jay Leno NOT Johnny Carson. You cannot replace Johnny. By the bye, if you can find the February issue of Vanity Fair, there are great articles on both of them.

There's generational disconnect, and there are other kinds. I'm not much of a TV watcher, but more, I'm a morning person. Even in college when everyone is *supposed* to be a night-owl, I wasn't. I'm quite sure I've never seen The Tonight Show, for more than a minute or two. Same for Saturday Night Live. I will say that I've thought Fallon was very good in some of the next day online video clips I've seen. The duet with Springsteen recently on the Christie affair was resonant for someone who spent 19 of his first 21 years in New Jersey. While not watching late night TV.

I was reading my Kindle in bed (Stephen Ambrose's Citizen Soldiers). Can't seem to stay awake for late night shows anymore.

I don't think Jimmy Fallon is that funny. I think he's a crowd pleaser. I wish him the best. U2 was good.

Jimmy Kimmel is quicker witted, and funnier. I like Conan but he can get too silly sometimes. I hate the part of Letterman where the musical guest finishes it's bit- "great job, it doesn't get better than that, that's all you need" and so on. Canned responses. He just seems over it. I used to be a huge fan.

Yes, Carson was better than all of them.

My two cents.

I'm 46. Though I prefer him to Leno, I agree with the comment that Letterman has gone cranky. And I thought Leno was generally unfunny as a host and a terrible interviewer... But he seems a likeable guy. I loved Carson as a kid and watching reruns he's still just as funny to me; the guy was so special at comedy and engaging an audience. I find zero appeal in Fallon. He's a bit annoying and seems overly pleased with himself. I suppose you could say the same about Conan though his brand of humor holds my interest more than Fallon. The worst I've seen is Chevy Chase... Completely out of his element when he tried his hand at the comedy talk show.

After a year or more of paying a cable bill that I realized I was not using except for internet service, I disconnected the TV service and have saved the cash. I know who Jimmy Fallon is from an old TV commercial starring him, a baby, and money, and I know who Johnny Carson was, but being entertained by TV left me a long time ago. I read photo blogs (love TOP) for entertainment. I do remember seeing Johnny's last show with Bette Midler, but I do not remember ever seeing a full Jay Leno Tonight Show. I have fallen off the TV road map.

When are we doing lunch again? :)

[Hi Michael. When it gets warm. --Mike]


Regarding Leica R, I seem to remember reading in the depths of the interweb that the Leica R series was your favourite lens series bar none. I can vouch for the R7. Even though my little collection includes an F6, EOS 1V, R8 and R9 (and a few lesser relatives), the R7 is my go-to 35mm SLR. Not dear now on the used market.

My question: I've just bought an unused Contax T2. Do you consider it homage to a fine 35mm point and shoot? Or a cry for help? #malemenopause

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