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Friday, 07 February 2014


This immediately reminded me of some old renaissance paintings showing a group of dignitaries and experts gathered around an exotic visitor or unusual patient.

I just realized that Will's photo is very appropriately canted for the comparison I just made.

Diverse crowd, huh?

Medium Format Professionalism. Victoria has an interview on Hasselbadtv where she talks about her medium format H4D-40..."a richness to it, the color, and a quality that you just can't get from 35mm". She says "35mm cameras cannot do the same thing". She's excellent but is she right or wrong?

Yes, a nicely symbolic image of the event. Victoria's work is quite nice, unmistakably feminine in motifs. I'm sure that she's chosen by her client brands precisely for that characteristic.

that is a great shot and i have a similar general disinterest in fashion photography, but i think i like the third shot in this post even more: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1168684/29#11347795

the presence of anne wintour and bill cunningham certainly helps the image too.

i believe the photographer is vlad dusil.

I'm struck, looking at this photograph, that everybody, not just the model, appears to be backlit with a bit of rim lighting to outline edges. It's just beautiful, and a very effective use of what I assume was simply the available light, designed for the audience, not for photography.

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