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Tuesday, 11 February 2014


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Hearing 'Let's Be Still' reminded me somehow of one of the most beautiful songs written in the last ten years - IMO, quite better than 'Let's Be Still':
Although I'm in the last third of my expected life span, I feel proud of being still able to keep up with what youngsters are making in the alternative musical scene nowadays. I hope I never lose it and don't end up listening to music of the past while thinking something grumpy like 'they don't make music like this now.'
That would be the case of David Gilmour. It's the kind of past I don't care much to revisit. My favourite song from Pink Floyd is still 'Time', but I don't have much patience to listen to Pink Floyd, who simply were extinct after Roger Waters left the band.
Finally: Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli is indeed a fabulous choice. If you like his playing, you'll love Maurizio Pollini too.

Wow. Both.

A beautiful live performance here:
(Apologies for all the linking Mike - but one good link deserves another, it seems only fair).

Over the past 10 years I've noticed cello making an increasing appearance in traditional folk music, at festivals and in recordings. Here is the world famous Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser with cellist Natalie Haas. They have become an international sensation and are currently in a full time touring schedule.


"Wish You Were Here" is on my short list of all time favorite "rock and roll" songs. I never get tired of hearing it. Thanks for the link to this splendid version.


So refreshing to just see and hear great music without all of the crap that they seem to think is necessary! If the music - the singing and instruments - is great, you don't need the video screens, dancers and sideshows. Great video!

I thought I was over this one. Then I listened to it to post it here. Do not listen to a bluesy Gillian Welch sing "Pass You By"...

Ah, remember, Mike, there's always room for Cello.

(I'll shut up now)

pax / Ctein

You want cello, then try this:
(Rastrelli Cello Quartett - Take Five)

Interestingly Lorde's inspiration for the song was a National Geographic (I think) picture of George Brett of the Kansas City Royals. You were captured by a photography driven tune.

If you like that Head and the Heart song, you should check out their self titled album. Really nice music.


on BBC iPlayer, but only until 11:34pm (English time) on Saturday, is Pink_Floyd_Wish_You_Were_Here, a 60 minute documentary on the making of Pink Floyd's ninth studio album. I watched it last night, which is why I recommend it here. There's quite a few stills to look at. There's some swearing.

It was a bit of a surprise to find that Syd Barrett's real first names were Roger Keith, as mine are. Same initial for the surname too. Of course, I was six when The Floyd were formed.


The Chopin was gorgeous. Thank-you.

Increasingly I wonder why we have so many genius musicians, mathematicians, and gymnasts.

And yet, there is no genius who moves us toward "world peace" or "environmental justice".

I fear that this onslaught of artistic and athletic genius is one more example of fiddling while Rome burns.

Oooooh - 'Royals'!

I don't want to poison your brains any more, but the cover by Piddles Pity Party is worth a listen. No, seriously :)


And then there is Sxip Shirey, for those more or less of the experimental generation. Some geezers too...

* Long Trains: Solo guitar, paper clips
* I Live In New York City: Harmonica, bullhorn, beatboxer, tuba
* Playing bowls with red marbles: Bowls, marbles
* Moon In Her Belly: Harmonica, siren, beatboxer
* Pandora: (A little of everything)

...in case you haven't come across him before. (http://www.sxipshirey.com/).

Or was it Guiomar Novaes? Anyway, all are extraordinary.

As you know pianist is Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli playing Chopin. He was very private and secluded artist. He did not like giving concerts. I was lucky to see one of his concerts many years ago in Prague.
Great artist.


Wish You Were Here is one of my all time favorite songs. I'm also lucky that both my kids are quite musical and like Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and many current independent Australian bands and really dislike Bieber, One Direction etc. Here's a link to a video of my daughter playing the lead guitar on a version of this when she was 8 or 9 years old.


[She's a mighty good guitarist. She didn't like it when he sang "hell," though. [g] --Mike]

The David Gilmour clip made my day...then I found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWqyC52fRFU and it made me wish that Gilmour and Waters could get back together again!

Thanks for these links, Mike; a very pleasant way to start the day. When it comes to lead guitar I don't think I've heard anyone with such a pure tone as David Gilmour. No flash, all feeling.
I'm just off to shed a silent tear into me cornflakes at the passing of all the years since I first heard Wish You Were Here.

Thank you for the introduction to Michelangeli!

One of my favorite Pink Floy live performances: Echoes Live in Pompeii http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGwPSPIhohk

Wish You Were Here... Ah...

"The older I get the more I like live performances better."

I think it's because you eventually get to realise that sometimes raw feeling, skillfully expressed, beats any amount of slick perfection.

Sigh....never fails to bring a lump to the throat. R.I.P. Syd.

"I think it's because you eventually get to realise that sometimes raw feeling, skillfully expressed, beats any amount of slick perfection."

Which is what photography is all about.

Not exactly the same but better IMHO:


I don't identify with today's pop music at all. They don't seem to release anything that isn't over-produced garbage these days. I guess I'm not supposed to like any of it any more since I am now over 40.

'Wish You Were Here' is one of my favourites. It can still bring a tear to my eye if I'm in the right mood.

The Chopin was lovely. These days I'm much more likely to be found at a piano recital than a rock concert.

What I'm really trying to say here is: thanks again, Mike.


While we're linking cello awesomeness:
Crooked Still - Ain't no Grave

And to get even deeper, here's that Lorde tune the way it was meant to be played:
Bass Causality (one player, many tracks)

As of recently my absolute favorite is Mark Knopfler. Here is an example:


And his lyrics are marvelous. Listening to his songs is just like talking to a good old friend.

I used to like PF, but I no longer have any of their records...

Hi Mike,
I've had 'We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year...' going through my head all day;-) -much better than Kylie's 'Can't get you out of my head'.
Maybe the liking of live performances is because you are a visual person? I put on classical music but after a few minutes I find myself waiting for lyrics, but I can watch classical music on TV all day as I appreciate the musicians playing.

I actually like Lorde's downbeat/upbeat realism.
Saw a Portishead (with orchestra) video last night and the hope/longing/desire gave me goosebumps;
and the video that originally introduced me to them;

best wishes phil

Late to the party as usual.

Speaking of acoustic guitar, here's the Gillian Welch / BBC Four Sessions concert at St. Lukes. Great "The Weight" at the end.


Peace and all that.

Michelangeli was Pollini's teacher.

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