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Saturday, 01 February 2014


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Client rep Borman: All right, we're gonna roll. Ready… Set…

This is so reminiscent of an ad agency shoot:

Photographer Anders: The impact crater with uh - at uh - just prior to the subsolar point on the south side, in the floor of it, uh, [unintelligible], there is one dark hole. But I couldn't get a quick enough look at it to see if it might be anything volcanic.

Photographer Anders: Oh my God, look at that picture over there! There's the Earth comin' up. Wow, is that pretty!

Client rep Borman: Hey don't take that, it's not scheduled.

[shutter click]

Photographer Anders: You got a color film, Jim? Hand me a roll of color, quick, would you?

Studio Assistant Lovell: Oh man, that's great.

Photographer Anders: Hurry.

Studio Assistant Lovell: Where is it?

Photographer Anders: Quick

Studio Assistant Lovell: Down here?

Photographer Anders: Just grab me a color. A color exterior. Hurry up. Got one?

Studio Assistant Lovell: Yeah, I'm looking' for one. C 368.

Photographer Anders: Anything. Quick.

Studio Assistant Lovell: Here.

Photographer Anders: Well, I think we missed it.

Studio Assistant Lovell: Hey, I got it right here [in the hatch window].

Photographer Anders: Let me get it out this one, it's a lot clearer.

Studio Assistant Lovell: Bill, I got it framed, it's very clear right here!

[shutter click]

Studio Assistant Lovell: Got it?

Photographer Anders: Yep.

Studio Assistant Lovell: Take several, take several of 'em! Here, give it to me!

Photographer Anders: Wait a minute, just let me get the right setting here now, just calm down.

Studio Assistant Lovell: Take -

Photographer Anders: Calm down, Lovell!

Studio Assistant Lovell: Well, I got it right - aw, that's a beautiful shot…Two-fifty at f/11.

[shutter click]

Photographer Anders: Okay.

Studio Assistant Lovell: Now vary-vary the exposure a little bit.

Photographer Anders: I did, I took two of 'em here.

Studio Assistant Lovell: You sure you got it now?

Photographer Anders: Yeah, we'll get - well, it'll come up again, I think.

"It'll come up again, I think." says volumes not only of the precariousness of their situation , but the general non recurrence of photographic opportunities.

That's fantastic.

Thank you.

Thanks for sharing!
It made me smile.

Great! - thanks for that. (lol)

And if the flight happened today:

Dang, this memory card is full, find another!
Dang, this battery is dead, find another!

Did we get the shot? Dang,had the wrong WB!
Did we get the shot? Dang, hit the video button!

things change but stay the same...

I love how Anders says "Calm down Lovell!" while Anders is changing the film in a Hasselblad in just a few seconds. That's what's happening right?

Really cool clip, thanks.

"Calm down, Lovell" made me laugh... though I've never shot film, that's a pretty universal thing to understand I think.

Although it is pretty different from what I'm used to. Now we bracket to try to make sure we got a "good" one, or maybe a perfect one. They were bracketing to try to make sure they got anything at all.

I'm surprised there wasn't a ruckus about finding a dark slide in a hurry.

I'd always keep an extra darkslide and a golf tee in my hip pocket when I was assisting on a Hasselblad shoot.

[Two-fifty at f/11] and be there.

Thanks for sharing this, Mike.

The only 'Blad to make it back from the surface of the moon is going up for auction shortly:


Like Rod S. wrote, the roll of film was a magazine. The magazine for 70 exp was modified for 200 exp with film on extra thin base. This was told by a friend, who worked at Hasselblad here in Gothenburg at that time.

If I won the lottery I might well bid up that lunar-visit Hasselblad. Perfect combination of my interests!

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