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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


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And for all EM-5 users feeling left behind, Olympus gave us a nice 2.0 firmware update today featuring iso 100 (extended) and the smaller focus box that all the newer cameras have. I particularly like the more precise focus box.

Mike, Olympus also released a firmware update for the E-M5 which included the much requested ability to lock in a smaller focus box. (And an ISO 100 setting. Sort of. Kinda.).



Gods, the micro 4/3 system needed another standard zoom lens.

I have finally made friends with my EM-5. I got an outside book to explain the menu navigation and how to set it right. The EM-10 looked like a good companion. But the price of the EM-5 just dropped to $756.00 on Amazon which made it a tie and then a little thing swung me. The EM-10 takes a different battery. So my secong EM-5 is on the way. The real reason that I like the Olympuses over my two GX1s is the way they treat highlights, a problem I have always had. Oh too put Panasonic menus in Olympuses......

Finally. The digital OM-1 that I have been waiting for, the E-M10.

Very pleased with Olympus for the E-M5 firmware update.

The E-M10 looks great, hope it sells well.

Last thursday finally got my EM5, and I got to tell you, this guys are doing everything right.
It's hard to tell how small this cameras really are just by looking at them on a web site, you have to hold them in your hands to find out.
The same goes to handling. Everything is as small as it can be, but it feels right at home.
All my equipment just went from a full backpack to a small leather shoulder bag (with pretty much the same kind of lenses).

I'm still thrilled with my Oly EPL5. To me it's the little camera that gets no respect. Well made and has same sensor and processer as it's more expensive siblings.

Yeah the menus might be slower but once you get it set up it's easy enough. Actually there's not much I change in the way of settings anyway. Just exposure comp and aperture for the most part in daylight shooting.

I have no doubt pro quality fine art and portraiture could be done with this little camera. (Still I wonder what someone who hired you as a pro would think if you showed up with a dinky little camera??)

@ James Weekes "I got an outside book to explain the menu navigation and how to set it right."
James, could you please tell those of us who love/hate our OM Ds because of the menus, exactly which book tipped the balance for you? Thanks.

Finally, a reasonably budget nifty fifty for m4/3! (Anyone want to buy a Panasonic 20mm...?)

This camera makes the value of the Olympus E-P5, which I reviewed a few months ago, even more dubious. Not only does the E-P5 body list for $300 more than the E-M10, the E-P5 lacks an eye-level viewfinder, which is a separate $300 accessory. One might argue that the E-P5 is still a better camera than the E-M10, but $600 better? I don't think so.


I think it depends on what one values in a camera. Personally, I find the 5-axis IS far, far more important than a viewfinder, which I almost never use on digital cameras. For me, the r-P5 hits the sweet spot of functionality and size. But I recognize I'm a bit unusual in my opinion of viewfinders.

@ MJFerron

I shot IBMers in December with the E-PL5, and a former Playmate and some other models in January.

I've got remarks and 'friendly' recommendations to use a DSLR only from one other photographer (out of a dozen with whom I shot since December). Others are using small cameras already, like I do. and the results speak for themselves. This little camera is as good as any other, with the difference that you'll have almost no mis-focused shots.

What I *do* miss tho, for studio work, is an integrated viewfinder a la OM-D. It's nice that I can even tilt up my VF-2, but if I have to take it off for the radio remotes, and when not on a tripod, well... (I knew that before I bought it, but didn't want to spend much more for an E-M5 at that time. And I had the VF-2 already).

So as much as I love the E-PL5 for outdoors, for the studio I'll probably get this E-M10 as well.

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