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Thursday, 30 January 2014


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Did you have a Butler. As is widely and well known "the Butler did it" Apologies, but despite the seriousness it couldn't be helped.


Should have gotten one of those CSI gals in the tight tee shirts to finger print the "prints". They would have been able to find the culprit in 60 minutes.

1. Dry run for the 1990 Gardner Museum heist?

2. One of thieves discovered he had an egg allergy?

Hmm... who among the staff lived in the West Village?

Great mystery added to the elegance.

In a strange way, things do find their way to whom they belong. Great article. I could see Poe using it for the introduction to one of his stories!

That reminds me, I must run my PC backups this weekend...

"not me" (Family Circus)

I still have a (rather battered) copy of that very issue of Camera Arts!
Living in th UK, Camera Arts was a very rare import and could only be found occasionally in some specialist newsagents. It was quite unlike anything else produced in the UK at the time, and I used to snap it up if I came across it. Over the years I've thrown out many old issues of photographic magazines, but four issues of Camera Arts are still in my studio, and I return to them from time to time.

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