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Sunday, 05 January 2014


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Anybody know why people put duct tape around their boots like the guy in the picture? I've seen that before but have no idea what it's for.


My friends from San Francisco say the duct tape is a fashion accessory.

The new architecture looks phenomenal.

to stop water going through the lace holes?

I knew there was a reason I've always preferred baseball.

"Anybody know why people put duct tape around their boots like the guy in the picture?"

My first thought was for the same reason some players tape over their shoes - only Nike logos are allowed to be shown on players. (I think it's Nike this year - it's switched between Nike and Reebok a couple of times recently.) I have absolutely no idea if this applies to folks on the sidelines though.

>Anybody know why people put duct tape around their boots like the guy in the picture? I've seen that before but have no idea what it's for.<

Seen that done with heavy winter boots to tighten the fit for narrower feet. Winter boots are not made for fit, so they're not really much good for walking. Your socks often end-up coming off with the wool lined affairs. (:-)

A good fried of minne told just today after the "coldest NFL game" in history is still the old Green Bay game....he was covering the game with UPI as a staffer.........Nothing worked...lenses would focus..too stiff, motor locked up, batteries failed,film leaders snapped as you tried to reload, and lightning streaks were on the film after development across a lot of the frames ( from rewinding to fas in the cold dry air making static electricity )....the best pictures were of the bundled cold fans.

I think duck tape stops you sticking the monopod through your laces and tripping up with $4k worth of camera. Or as Patrick said, keeps the snow out.

There is often gaffers tape to write on which players the photographer is supposed to shoot at that particular game.

In 1972 I saw ZZ Top play at a local roller rink after they had just released "ZZ Top's First Album." Billy Gibbons' cowboy boots were wrapped up with duct tape, but it was obvious that it was because the soles were hanging off and he couldn't afford to have them fixed. No fashion statement there. A hard working bar band that played for 3 solid hours.

Heated fields? Heated benches? Little blankets? I thought American footballers were supposed to be tough....(!)

[Well, not as tough as Cricketeers, or whatever you call them. I'm sure they play in —15°C and wind all the time.

So it's –28°C this morning where I live, how about you? --Mike]

"Anybody know why people put duct tape around their boots like the guy in the picture? I've seen that before but have no idea what it's for.


My guess is that insulated boots are expensive and when mine fail it is bacause they crack at about the spot that photographer has the tape applied.
If you squat a lot in these they will crack at that point.

Everytime I go to a game I always end up watching the photographers work and wonder about things like this - so thanks. ...and being a Cleveland fan I know all about the cold - in my heart and in the air.
One thing that drives me crazy though, is when everyone talks about Southern teams playing up North - as if all the players on a giving pro team are actually from the city they play in. For example - Phil Dawson kicked the game winning field goal, he plays for SF, well lets remember that he kicked in the snow in Cleveland for the previous decade....

Informative post. Good game, I was pulling for Green Bay as I can't stand the 49'ers overall.

I like Kaepernik and Rogers.

GB started with a weak defense and then saw their best D players drop like flies throughout the game so no wonder they collapsed at the end.

Earlier in the day I saw an interview with Colin Kaepernik where he used the word 'outlier' correctly in a sentence. That surprised and impressed me.

I too wondered about the duct taped boots, and if the idea was to keep water out. If you wear Doc Martens you will know that the tongue of the boot is attached to the boot for most of its length; an eight hole boot, once proofed up, is waterproof to above where your waterproof overtrousers end so there's an overlap.

The Airwair soles keep your feet warmer, too. I can't wear them any more for medical reasons, but I used to wear them all the time. Pretty much comfortable from the word go, too.

I have no connection with the makers, even though they are not too far from where I live.

What I do not understand is players wearing short sleeves in super cold temperatures. The bare skin against the frigid air is obviously a sign of machismo. It is also a sign of stupidity, IMO. God made long sleeve shirts for a reason.

Duck tape around the shoes to be sure he does not lose his sole.

ETA Looked more closely and believe he's taped chemical foot warmers to his boot tops. (Doesn't explain the wierd heel flappy things, which could still be traction devices of some kind.)

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