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Wednesday, 01 January 2014


Happy New Year to you.

Love this post... we're visual is absolutely correct. That is the tie the binds and all that matters here. Thank you for your writing and efforts here on TOP.

Happy New Year everyone. More peace, more love, less poverty for 2014!

Happy New Year to you and all TOP Readers. Best Wishes.

That opening reference to resolutions made me laugh so much!!
Happy New Year to you!

I don't agree with you on lots of visual stuff, including photography...but on the politics side of things, yes it is preposterous that all those other people's political views don't align with yours and mine, which are perfectly compatible, thus obviously those of reasonable fellows! Best wishes to you for a great new year, and those others can have ....an ok new year I guess.

Got a laugh out of this, when I was disinclined to laugh this early in the day. Thank you.
And Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to you too Mike. Thanks for keeping ME entertained every day. I hope 2014 is healthy and happy for you and yours, and for all the TOP readers out there as well.

Good light and good files to you to Mike.

Happy New Year to everyone on this site, from the Boss to the last reader. I wish a great "visual" 2014 to everybody.

Best regards

Thanks for another TOP year, wishing you good health and lots of humor for 2014.

"...straights and gays and others"

And others? I'm scratching my head about that one...

[You're very naive. But then, so am I, so I can hardly be expected to explain. Bisexuals and asexuals, to name just two others. --Mike]

Well said, Mike. I am looking forward to starting the day with coffee and your blog throughout 2014.

Happy New Year to all.

It is hard to comprehend how well you "get it" in your writing. What a lovely peace (spelling intended) and may you, Zander and Lucy all have a wonderful 2014

Thanks and a happy New Year to you and all TOP-readers.

Happy New Year, Mike and fellow TOP readers.

My New Year's Day resolution (1008X756) is here.

Happy New Year To you Mike and all my fellow readers. Decided to start the year off right by making a donation to the Johnston camera fund in appreciation for all your hard work in maintaining this blog. Hope 2014 brings you continued success.

With this post, and the ensuing comments from other readers, already 2014 looks like a good year!
Good health, and good luck to all.

Right back at ya, Mike!

Now, back to the Mummers parade, a Philly tradition incomprehensible to the rest of humanity.

And perhaps these days B.W. would add, "...and may all your noise be low."

Happy New Year to to everyone.

What? You mean to tell me not everyone shares our political viewpoints? That's appalling.
Seriously - a happy new year for everyone!

Ha! And a belated "Bah, humbug" to you all. I share political views with no one whatsoever (especially politicians). It's amazing how dense everyone else in the world can be.

But, I never thought it necessary to agree with anyone in order to tolerate and respect them. So I wish everyone here (and elsewhere) a great 2014.

Beautifully said, Mike. Quite apart from the consistently excellent, engaging, and useful content of this blog (not to mention the terrific writing), the thing I like best about TOP is its inclusiveness and sense of community.

Best holiday wishes to you and to your many readers for a joyful 2014!


Happy New Year Mike! TOP is most certainly one of my favorite places, a photography site reflecting life in so many aspects with insight and humour. Just keep on doing what you are doing. I wish you good health in all aspects, Best Wishes for 2014.

Happy New Year Mike

The thanks are all to you

Thank you

Norfolk, UK

Getting a New Year's greeting in near day 1's end (EST). I enjoy visiting this site immensely. Thanks for all the effort.

Learning to see is a life-long endeavor for me, it seems. At times, I wish I had "gotten" it sooner, but then I may have quite looking if I had. So the learning continues, and stopping here for lessons is a wonderful thing.


Lovely ..... Absolutely lovely, and all too rare.
A community united by the pleasures of photography, and the masterful writing found at the TOP. (See what I did there Mike? :) Typical is your almost matter of fact story of your unexpected fatherhood - facing a huge challenge knowing that if not you - then who?
Rare blog indeed, where commenters' comments are insightful, and to the point, and the guest columns diverse, intelligent and interesting. You've managed to accomplish all this in your spacious, vsemi luxurious TOP world headquarters, with a very small staff. (Rumor?)
Happy New Year indeed to you and all the readers, writers, and photographers who make TOP such a pleasure to visit. Much continued success to you and TOP and your new ventures - I look forward to my daily forays.
Now get back to your desk!

Happy New Year, Mike and everyone else in ToP-opolis. May your skies be interesting, your batteries charged, and lenses clean in this new year.

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