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Tuesday, 14 January 2014


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Take care. Get well. We'll find something else to do. ;-)

I will join the chorus of "Get Well Soon". Hope you don't have that awful flu that is going around. Drink LOTS of water!

Sorry to read you're sick Mike. Get well soon and take care.


Get well, Mike. When you are ill, the internet seems less healthy too.

It's those winter doldrums, also known as "the blahs."

If you have influenza symptoms (coughing, body aches, fever, general misery), Tamiflu is working. You need to take it within 48 hrs, the earlier the better.

(Yes, I'm a doctor, but only a Pediatrician).

Get well soon.

Take it easy, Mike. We can wait. Your health comes first.

May the Soupy Chicken visit and make you very soon well and whole again.


Take it easy Mike. I hope you're well soon, and not too sick to enjoy lying around for a bit.

(This greeting comes to you from the Department of Silver Linings.)

Take care and get well soon.

Doldrums are often a symptom of oncoming illness. Get well soon.

Hi Mike:

I'm really sorry that you don't feel well. I hope you are better soon. I'll be thinking of you and don't forget the "chicken soup." That said, I'm not sure that goes with your diet!


Feel better Mike.

Get well soon Mike!

Just passing by to get my daily "fix"... best wishes, Mike. May you get well soon again.
Take it easy!

Hope you feel right as rain soon Mike

Best Wishes

Dr Tom Bell

Actually this phrase never feels quite right on Dartmoor where rain is the oner thing you generally could do without!

Hope you are soon up and feeling well. Also got the bug here and can't shake it. Still, I think the Summer is a little closer than it was yesterday. Cheers

Whatever it is, get some rest and be well soon. Best...

Do you know your Vitamin D level?
Especially in this kind of season.
Seriously !

Kind regards,

Get well soon, Mike - Ben Marks

Don't worry about us, you've given us tons to material to look over. Take care of yourself and get better.

Sorry you're not well Mike, look after yourself and get well soon. Don't worry, however long it takes we'll be here waiting for you with bated breath.

Me too! I felt the worst on Monday, but it's still with me. It's all good, though. I managed to give it to my wife and son. Misery loves company. I hope you get over it soon.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Mike. I was sick recently and took the opportunity to download a couple of e-photobooks which I ended up liking more than I thought I would (being a print-oriented person in general). There's one of Luigi Ghirri's work, for example, that's quite good.

You take care Mike, we can wait.

...hang on, no we can't.
Get Ctein up now!!!

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