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Monday, 30 December 2013


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Yes, it was at least an exciting game to watch. I am disappointed, but by no means surprised, that our Bears came up short. I am only surprised that the game was so close.

Before the season started Chicago sportswriters nearly unanimously predicted a middle-class Bears team at 8-8. Given the uncertainties of a brand new record-less coach and the 4th oldest team in the NFL that seemed optimistic to me. But I guess they know their stuff.

Good luck to the Packers. They'll need it against the 49ers.

Ah yes Mike, however as with life itself it is only a game. And this too shall pass, in time.

So you wanted the Bears to win?
And you think the 49ers will win a fourth in a row against the Packers?

I really don't care what you think is the camera of the year anymore.

[Well, I was wrong about the Camera of the Year last year. So.... --Mike]

I'm confused. Bears? Packers? Vikings? Eh?
Also, I thought Green Bay was a punk rock band, or am I just an (unwilling) English idiot? : ]

I miss the billiards posts. For every football post, you should make three billiards posts to atone.

I live in Laguna Beach,CA and I'm a Vikings fan.

Go figure.

You are right that neither team is any damn good. Very, very unsound, atrocious defenses. Packers are going to get crushed next weekend as would the Bears had that game gone the other way.

This kind of games makes you forget all that has went wrong in pro sports.

Someday the City of Detroit will be home to a professional football team. (And I'm not talking about the Visitor's Locker Room...).

I'm a big fan of Aaron Rodgers and it was good to see him back.

I have the Packers down as a dark horse for the Superbowl. But then I follow the Dallas Cowboys, so what do I know?

Trivia for Green Bay Fans. When did Green Bay win their first Super Bowl?

American football? No, thank you.

So John Haines compares Green Bay, a city of 100,000 people, to Chicago—one of the largest & greatest cities in the US. As a citizen of Green Bay, Wisconsin, I'm tempted to go all Convention and Visitor Bureau on him; but I'll just point out that being blithely condescending and dismissive of places is an attitude that won't serve his photography very well.

Cheer up. You could have that DC team and its boy wonder owner.

If Cheeseheads or Halasites want to know the meaning of true misery, consider these facts on the gridiron that will greet the New Year of every Redskins fan:

Dan Snyder is only 48 years old. And he has three children.

To all the Bears fans:

I don't know whether this will help or make it worse, but either way, I highly recommend this comic, as you will laugh either way...


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