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Friday, 27 December 2013


And we buy expensive cameras that we probably use collectively for less than an hour!

What is Time? I dunno, but I just lost one Saturday-earth-hour of it down a Flubber-cushion-lined, vacuum-sucking black hole of a billiard table pocket this Saturday. Even the dog had to wait seven "dog hours" for his walk! (not true, i paused the game for him) Plus I'd swear that there were areas of anti-gravity in the slate. Somehow I mysteriously ended up on YT watching three exciting (no sarcasm) minutes leading to a Cue-off of a well played match, and I was hooked from there. The commentators very well knew the game and how to keep the peanut gallery interested. If there were such a thing as a Slam-Dunk in billiards (or nine ball or snooker or whatever the hell was being played there) there were several S-Ds here. The way the balls reacted in this match, i had suspicions of ths match being CG. I am not a rabid (avid?) fan of the game, but i thoroughly enjoyed watching this one. I'd like to say you now owe me one Saturday-earth-Hour, but I did watch this of my own free will, if I indeed have one ;-) BTW, +1 for a nickname of Guapo for a Pool-Player. This nickname sort of rivals one like "Minnesota Fats"....And +1 for the excellent videography of the match. Thanks for the tip, Mike.

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