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Monday, 16 December 2013


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Given how much I just spent, I sincerely hope they're as good as you make out...

Gadzooks! Down for the whole set. Geez, the deals just keep rolling in on this site.

Speaking of which, I received my Turnley prints. Absolutely stunning, all my other purchased B&W prints look like blah compared to them print quality wise.

The bridge/sailboat shot at first really didn't do anything for me but I purchased it because I wanted the full set offered. It looked better in be book but seen in person there are so many things in it that are quietly there. Amazing.

Thanks, Mike, here's another fine mess you've gotten me into. Err, I mean, more wonderful books to add to the collection (and explain to my wife!) Seriously, she always loves them too. I'm gonna need more shelf space...

Mike, your writing "Michael did his usual fanatically perfectionistic job with the printing of the images" makes it sound like he did personally print them, as I seem to remember he did with the print sale. But they are printed in Belgium at Salto--no bad address for sure--, about a 100m from where I am, then bulk shipped to the US, and when I'd order them back to Europe the shipping would all but eat up the discount. I put together a cart of 5 books and can actually get them slightly cheaper, i.e. very expensive, from Amazon.de. Shame really.

I own one of these books and have seen others. They are, indeed, as good as Mike says. I'll probably buy another one or two.


Mike, As someone who jumped on the Edward Weston book deal from Lodima for TOP readers some months ago I was very excited when I received their email. I do not have a Brett Weston book in my library and this was a great opportunity to rectify that. I haven't received the books yet but when I do I will post a short review.

Thank you Mike, Japan is on it's way.

Thanks Mike Just ordered Brett Weston - San Francisco and George Tice - Common Momentos

Thanks very much, that is an astounding price for the 10 volume set, and I couldn't resist...

Happy Holidays....

I know how good they are (having purchased their Emmet Gowin book previously). I can't believe how much I just saved at roughly 50% off.


I salute anyone putting 'fanatical perfection' into the printing process today. I love 'real' books, and would buy the most expensive and deluxe books I could if I had any money...it seems sad when printing is truly reaching the state of the art, that it's falling out of favor...I have a buddy on the coast who is an absolute fanatic about baseball; he recently bought a luscious baseball book about the size of a poster and about two inches thick, he contracted with a custom carpenter to make a reading/storage stand for it!

Beautiful prints, unfortunately shipping costs outside the U.S. a bit expensive...

Well, yesterday I ordered all the Brett Weston books and Lindbloom's Saltgrass. They were delivered today. They were packed exceptionally well, in a properly sized cardboard box (~1" extra space all around and closure flaps that meet completely). with a home-made double wall, packing peanuts on the top and bottom, and the books carefully wrapped in plastic. I've made my living doing mail order, and I'm rarely impressed with packing and delivery times, but Lodima did an exceptional job.

Re: the books themselves, the Westons are beautifully bound and printed. The pictures are rich, crisp, and have a depth that honestly makes them look like photographic prints. They're also nicely sized, and not weighed down with useless text. The paper is nice, thick, and holds the ink well. I haven't read the fore- or afterwards (and probably never will), but the typography looked nice as I flipped past them.

The covers are delightfully tactile and feel good in the hand. My copy of #1 is a little flawed--binding coming unstitched and an ink smudge--but the others are all immaculate.

Eric Lindbloom's Salt Grass is a different story though. It's a smallish book, the photos are very small, and they all seem a little soft. The images on the website are crisp and tactile, whereas in the book they just lack that presence and immediacy. Nice photos and nice tonality, but I found myself wishing for a set of full-screen jpegs instead. The cover is also a smoother, lighter, much less pleasant stock than the Westons. It just doesn't feel good in the hand. My copy is also slightly marred--not enough to warrant a replacement, but enough to be noticeable.

Overall, I'm quite impressed, and I'm hopeful that Lodima will be accommodating regarding replacement for the damaged Weston, when I've sent them a couple photos.

I also bought a used copy of Chiarenza's Solitudes from Amazon, and I'm quite looking forward to its arrival.

FWIW there's a fine Brett Weston exhibit in NYC at 1285 Ave. of the America's (better known as 6th Ave.) in the lobby of the UBS building thru Jan. 10. It's called "City of Abstractions-Brett Weston in New York, 1944-45".
Many fabulous prints on view for free!

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