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Thursday, 14 November 2013


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Gee I will be in Cozumel Dec 1st for a week of sun, fun and scuba diving. Would that be called a near miss?

[Well, only insofar as I live on the same planet. I don't actually go on "real" vacations. --Mike]

Mike, my EM1 just arrived yesterday along with the 12-40 2.8. very excited to put this thing through some paces! Very solid little camera.

Just got back from a couple of days doing the same thing with a Panasonic GX7!Be sure and take a tripod- even if you dont use it!

Grab your favorite 35(e) and have fun. I'm getting insane the other way - I sent out a check for a nice old mid 60's Canon 7 because I miss the way RF's work and I miss having an excuse to dig out the Diafine & tank. Sheets are fun but so are the spools :D

I still like my E-PL1 better than any other Digital I've used but I really want one that is like an old Canon or Contax RF rather than like just another SLR.

Mike, you can't go off and take photographs— this is a photography blog!

(For those who don't get the reference.)

"Normal", a word not usually encountered
at The Online Photographer...

In my dreams I have floated above town... Here in Oklahoma, also known as gods country, dreams mean a lot. My Minolta 5D still works beautifully and I a huge selection of Minolta lens, I am always amazed that Sony never mentions that all this quality glass will work on their cameras.
And I do mean Quality. for a space in time this was the best glass you could find, almost. Kind of sort of.
If there was a way to go back to the time of the mind of Minolta...

Hey, my name has an s at the end!

Seems I remember that John Camp was going to buy a pair of GX7's. I'd be interested in his user review of this camera if he would be willing to share his insight. I miss the days of multiple cameras hanging around my neck, this might be the ticket.

Enjoy your weekend with the E-M1. I am borrowing the Panasonic GX7 this weekend and intend to have a blast.

OK, I admit it….I don't get the title of the post. What does it have to do with Gilda?

[I understand she's a character in the opera I'm going to see at the Met. Except of course three days is not actually long enough to go to Cozumel, the Great Plains, and New York City. I'm actually just staying home and playing pool.

Sorry for being obtuse. But, see, I wouldn't be so obtuse if I took a vacation every now and then. :-) --Mike]

Insofar as Mike is the embodiment of ToP HQ, I think the latter may be said to sprawl from time to time. Also, possibly, to loll.

Have fun out there! And do try to stay away from the computer! I'm rooting for ya!

Mike, before you strat the evaluation, make sure to turn on the Super Control Panel (SCP) instead of the default Live Control Panel (LCP), which Olympus shows you by default.

I find that alone this change makes a world of a difference in the operation of the camera.

Here is how to turn on the SCP: http://pcurious.com/om-d/em5-highlights/#scp

I've got a spare room out in the garage that you're welcome to stay in while you visit Oklahoma.

Mike, you really need to take a real vacation sometime. You have a standing invitation to come and visit us in Calgary. We have a nice guest room, a full darkroom and an Epson 4880 printer so you could go nuts printing. I will show you around Banff and Lake Louise or you could borrow my car and toodle around yourself. If you are into hiking we could do that as well. Oh ya we have the badlands within 90 miles too. Everything you could possibly want to photograph within a 100 mile radius. There is a few good pool halls as well. I won't even try and drag you off to church on Sunday lol.

Hello Mike,
Thanks for the 'interesting links' the other day - and all the others before them. Can I return the favour?


Masses of fine work *plus* intelligent, insightful comment and self examination from the man himself. Forgive me if this is old stuff to you, I searched TOP "horvat" "horvatland" but didn't see a link.


in dull grey UK

Sunday 9:47, you are late with your post.

That said I hope you really enjoyed your weekend, time off to do what you want has greater value than most anything else.


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