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Thursday, 07 November 2013


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I visited the Peter Fetterman Gallery in Los Angeles recently to view their exhibition of Salgado's Genesis project, and to my total surprise they are a Sammallahti dealer! They have the books as well as the prints, printed by Sammallahti himself!

Anyway, I thought I'd offer that as an alternative source. They do ship, so Google them and give them a call if Amazon is being difficult. I'm now plotting and saving for my own print.

It was a bit of an overload as well since they had a Steve McCurry exhibit going on at the same time.

I got my copy from the Book Depository ... and then just got an email from Amazon saying my order has shipped (I guess I forgot to cancel it ... whoops).

As for the Heisler book, that just made it onto my Amazon wishlist recently after reading this post:

So that may be at least part of the reason.

You can thank Michael Reichmann for that...I almost bought it as well but decided to hold off.

'Here Far Away' was also may book of the year for 2012... and for this year? (meaning a book that I bought but not necessarily published in 2013) is looking like 'Gunnar Smoliansky One Picture at a Time' photographs 1952-2008 published by Steidl. Excellent printing binding and layout. If only more books were like this. You may know of this book and his work already but if not I think you are in for a treat. Just checked Amazon US and it seems to be available, and a great price considering the quality.
Maybe readers would like to share their best buys of 2013 so we all have a chance to check them out in time for Christmas.
Now to check out your big seller.

The Heisler book was written about on The Luminous Landscape, in October. There must be some readership crossover at work here.

The book you link to (50 Portraits) was referred to recently in an article on Luminous Landscape. Maybe this explains the interest?

I think you stole all the link juice on that Heisler book from Strobist.

Heisler's book was mentioned on the Luminous Landscape. Wonder if that had anything to do with it?

That book is lovely, highly recommended

Mike for some reason they sent me two, if any of your readers want one and can't get it from amazon, let me know. Otherwise I will send it back.

It got a big write up in the NY Times.

The Heisler book was promoted on Luminous Landscape this week

Check out Luminous Landscape and you'll see why!

Got mine today - looking forward to sitting down with it this evening :)

I am going broke ordering books recommended by you. Keep it up. I am enjoying them all a great deal. I received Here Far Away from The Book Depository in September. I ordered Heisler's book back in February when I heard it was coming out and got a copy last month. It has some of his great portraits along with his thought process about getting the portrait. All in all a very enjoyable read.
Now, I better get back to work so I can afford the next book you recommend.

Don't be tired. I was waiting and now just can't purchase the book. I am waiting my Fuji 23 1.4 lens that will be billed tomorrow or soon I hope. The top quality of the photos deserves this saga. I like the work of Pentti and I hope to have this book in my library one day.

I have just started reading it, and it is wonderful. David Hobby had a good write up on it.


My order shipped today. Curious to see the book.

If you'd like to see some Pentti Sammallahti prints, there's an exhibition at the Photographers Gallery in London at the moment.
I've not seen it yet, but see here for details:

Even though I received my copy of "Here Far Away" from The Book Depository a month ago, I just started looking seriously at it last night. It has me thinking about trying my hand at black & white, despite having told myself numerous times that I'm a color photographer; that I like color photographs better and see color better.
There's plenty of good b/w out there, of course (I picked up a box full of 30 or 40 issues of Leica Fotografie International at our transfer stations "swap shop" recently !) But this is the first time I've looked at b&w and really appreciated it for being b&w. His photos look like they have to be b&w; they're about tones & contrast - in many cases, I suspect they would not have worked in color, but b&w isn't used as a crutch. There are plenty of good photo books out there; my favorites are ones that leaved me in wonder at how the photographer sees the world. This is one; ironically, the next most recent one I can think of is Ernst Haas' "Color Correction". Go figure :)

I replaced my order after seeing this post (previous order had been cancelled by Amazon) and received my copy today. After just a quick look, I'm very impressed with both the book and Sammallahti's photographs and look forward to giving them the time they deserve. Thank you for recommending the book!

Thank you for your one "Last Post." I had given up after Amazon told me my initial order from a few months ago would not be fulfilled. I ordered last week and started enjoying the book this past weekend. It's the first photo book I purchased and look forward to hearing your future recommendations.

I'm please to inform you that my copy of Here Far Away has just arrived from Amazon here far away in Brisbane Australia.

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