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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Maybe "Sprawling TOP World Headquarters" should be abbreviated "STOP World". ;)

Got mine in yesterday's mail. Beautifully done. (Slipcase is rather a tight fit, though).

Mine arrived on Saturday. It's exquisite -- the pictures, the design, the binding and case. The images are not in chronological order but if you look carefully you can see an evolution in his work. The early photos are reminiscent of the greats he mentions in his opening essay but as time goes on you can see how he developed and how he learned to get close and relate to his fleeting subjects (this is something he teaches in his workshops). And it's Paris. Can't beat that.

I got my book yesterday.

It looks great. But I'm also struck by how different the digital pictures are from the film. It's interesting to me how your brain can be programmed to convince itself that 35mm B&W pictures should look a particular way and be thrown off when they do not look like that.

The smoothness and lack of grainy texture can be off-putting until you tell yourself to stop being silly.

I received my copy of French Kiss yesterday. Originally, I wasn't going to purchase the book, but I changed my mind and am I glad I did! I've been following and admiring the Turnley brothers' work for many years and I love Peter's vision and his way of seeing. He has captured Paris in way in which I have not before seen, through couples and their affection. Its the people and not the city, that brings meaning for me. The printing is rich and detailed on heavy stock paper. Thanks for bringing me this opportunity. I really like these images and this book. I look forward to his next book.

I asked for French Kiss (he carefully said) for Crimbo. 'Spose now I'm gonna be tortured by all you lot posting comments about how good it is.

Just ask me again in a month and a week.... : ]

Hi Mike,

You forgot to link to Aperture's Sergio Larrain book via Amazon. I'm sure a lot of people will be interested in buying it.

Yes! Received the book yesterday, in perfect condition (despite a nasty gash in the outside of the box.) It is BEAUTIFUL. My lovely wife looked at the first couple of pages and asked, deadpan, "Is this a kissing book?" *

Looks like it as signed with a Sharpie, and there is a piece of white paper over the signature to keep it from smearing onto the opposite page. Smart. (And a lot faster than waiting for it to dry completely.)

*(Princess Bride reference for those who don't know.)

I received my copy of French Kiss yesterday. Gorgeous book!

No link to Larrain's book?

[I'm really losin' it. Thanks for letting me know. --Idiot Mike]

Peter's book arrived in Maine on 18 November wrapped in the sturdiest packaging I have seen in a long time Thanks to all involved. Regards, Jim

Mike - still waiting for my copy of French Kiss, but ordered Sergio Larrain just now. Interesting that it's a tad cheaper on the Canadian Amazon site than on the US one - this happens frequently. Anyway thanks for the heads up on these 2

Just bought the Montaigne book, thanks Mike! I've been trying to recall this man's name for years and years now and have always wished I'd bought this writing when I first learned of it.

I eagerly look forward to "dipping in" in a couple days when it arrives!

I discovered Sergio Larrain a few years ago and have the London book. He was an incredible photographer and love his work.

On the Magmum website, they have two portfolios of Larrain photos, one of which is appaently the photos from the book.

Mike, I received my first copy on Friday and it is stunning, the printing beautiful, some of the best I've seen in a book, and though I haven't been to Paris (yet) it makes me feel like I'm there...the sense of joy and love of life that has been described to me by
a friend who has spent a lot of time in Paris shines out from these photos.

The book's slipcase was damaged in shipping but Peter is sending a replacement when he ships my book/photos combo. What a NICE guy. In corresponding with him you can tell that he hasn't let fame go to his head. I generally like to shoot alone but I'd really enjoy spending a day shooting/talking and drinking coffee with him.

My second copy arrived on Monday in perfect condition.

Thank you again for setting all this up. I can't wait for Christmas morning to see my wife's reaction when she opens up her copy of FK along with the photos, she is enthralled by the book.


Bob Smith
Arlington VA
West Milford NJ

My book arrived yesterday. It's beautiful. Maybe the best photo book I've ever seen. I'm extremely happy to add it to my library.

Just opened mine about an hour ago. Spectacular! And finally a properly made dust jacket.

Re: Sergio Larrain
It's worth mentioning that he was a Magnum photographer and that folks considering taking your bait can get a fine sampling of his work on magnum's site before making the rather sizable investment in the book.

Mine came this evening. Gorgeous...

Still waiting for mine.

I received my copy of "French Kiss" today and it is a very beautifully made book of wonderful photographs. I know that Peter is a great admirer of well made photography books and I can see that in the incredible attention to detail that can be seen in the creation of this book. I have photographed on the streets of Paris with Peter and it is hard for me to imagine another contemporary photographer with a better eye for the City of Light. He loves the place and its people, and it shows in his work. I like the book so much that I sent signed copies of it to my children to keep as a symbol of love through the years.

Mine arrived today and I concur with the others; it's stunningly beautiful.

Just got this book. It is wonderful. Peter works in the tradition of many of the great Parisian photographers of the last 100 years. But I think his bravery and ability to connect with people shines very brightly here, maybe more so than any others before him. This is as much a visual novel about love and human connection as it is about Paris. Paris simply makes these emotional and physical connections real and believable. In any other city a body of work like this might come across as overly dramatic or sentimental. But in this context they feel authentic and wonderful. The printing of both the book and the prints is gorgeous. I like the deeper tonality he creates here with his photographs.The tonal range is as rich and as tangible as the wool of a sweater or the stone of the street. This book, I think will be a classic. It is a wonderful trip through Paris and life as we should all live it.

My book arrived yesterday and all I can say "is it is simply a MASTERPIECE". It exceeded my expectations and was done in a first class manner. Peter Turnley is an inspiration to Photographers around the world. If you have a chance to own one you won't regret it!!

Received mine yesterday and think it's fantastic. Despite very good packaging the shipper managed to slightly dent one corner of the slipcase, but I think I'll just live with it. Glad to have access to the book through TOP! Thanks!

My book showed up today. Pouring rain (Oregon). Well packaged. Book and slipcover were dry as a bone. The photos are beautiful. Money well spent. And a bargain at that.

Received yesterday. Wonderfully stunning shade of red! Photos make you smile or chuckle, sometimes sigh. Very nice.

Received my book yesterday - really happy with the images and the repro quality.

Also been shooting the OMD EM1 this week and have been riding a bit of an emotional rollercoaster with it. I want to love it. I find the image quality quite good. Coming from Nikon D3S and D800 the I do have to be realistic in terms of IQ - the EM1 is good considering the benefits of the small camera size. I've printed some 8x10's and like them a lot.

I brought it with me on a job tonight to see some real-world action. I must say that I was not thrilled. In more static shooting environments and in bright light, the camera handles well. But in some lower light (iso 500 1/80th at 2.8) shooting in a journalism fashion - run and gun, the camera wasn't really on par with the Nikons in terms of responsiveness. Focusing was pretty tough. And while the EVF is really great to view for landscape and portraits, when you get the camera moving to follow people around as I was doing tonight, there is still a bothersome lag. It makes it very difficult to know that you had the focus nailed.

I had two batteries in the camera -body and grip - and they were depleted in about 80 minutes of shooting! 300 raw files or so??? One Oly battery and one Wasabi.

In fairness, I do need to attribute some of the handling problems to my newness to the system, but when the battery died and i moved to the D3s, the crispness of the focusing and ability to quickly track subjects was a huge relief.

Deciding whether to pack this stuff up for return, including the 12-40mm 2.8 pro and flash. I'm comfortable with the relative image quality. I'm more concerned with the handling and speed of operation and autofocus. To a certain degree that is the opposite of my expectations.

Wondering if the best way to lighten the load of my rig might be more fast primes and less zooms on the Nikons???

I ordered French Kiss with the intention of giving it as a gift, but saw immediately I'd have to keep it for myself. So I ordered a second.

Just delivered (UK)a few minutes ago. Unpacked and the presentation quality is of the highest order. Time to sit down and enjoy, with a tumbler of refreshing water, or what I call whiskey!

I had the great good fortune to buy French Kiss from Peter directly, at "Paris Photo" on 16th November.
If you like his work, I truly recommend that you make him sign some more books, by ordering French Kiss for yourself or as a gift for someone who will appreciate it.
The storytelling is very well done indeed. A treasure trove from decades of work.

Received ours yesterday, Pete! It's stunning,Beas a belated birthday present for my Love, Korky, and she loves it! She has always wanted to go to Paris, and this will be our entree until we get there. Your labor of live and passion is wonderful.
Thank you for sharing your love for your city with us!

I received my copy two days ago and opened it immediately. The best review I can give this book? It makes me happy.

My personally-inscribed treasure just arrived. I will proudly display in my home to share with others. Well done, my friend! :D

I received mine yesterday. The Red jacket got everyone's attention in family but the “oh-its-just-a-photography-book” looks were apparent as I opened it.

Anywho, I placed it under my daylight colored desk lamp and slowly started browsing it. Now, this generally does not happen, but my 5 year old son slide himself in my lap and curiously started looking at the pictures also. His questions, remarks with gestures to cover his mouth and then eyes (two adults kissing etc.) were just too cute for me to ignore. Slowly my 10 year old daughter joined leaving her studies aside and then my wife joined too. We spend about 30-40 minutes looking at the book, studying and guessing what was happening in the pictures – this, never happened for any books before! I think it is worth just for that!

I received my book on Monday the 18th.


I'm fortunate to have a nice collection of coffee table books. Peter's "French Kiss" is amazing. The book, the slip cover, and to have a hand-written inscription!

As a professional photographer who admires Peter, and was/is inspired by his works, I'll treasure this one for the rest of my life!

Congratulations on the book, Peter.

FRENCH KISS est magnifique! Paris is my favorite place on the planet and I go there when I can (a longer trip now from Santa Monica, CA) Looking at Peter's wonderful and loving pictures makes me feel like I'm there - walking along the Seine, sitting in a cafe, being near the Eiffel Tower which to me is like the Pyramids or Stonehenge. The book itself is stunning. Deepest and vibrant red. Like a beating heart. Okay, going over the top now. Just get this book. And if you love someone, give it to them.

I received FRENCH KISS yesterday. It is a magnificent work, one that Peter can be justly proud, from the scarlet slipcase to every single "moment" in the pages.
It defies comment...well, almost
My two pesos!

I have just received my copy of "French Kiss". It is beautifully printed and is a real treasure of a book. Wonderful photographs full of the photographer's love…and insight. Delicious.

I have just received my copy of "French Kiss". The images reflected such a love of Paris, they drew me in and I already know I will keep returning to savor the warmth shown in every image.
The production and presentation of the book is beautiful. Will be a special addition to my bookshelf.

I just received my book yesterday. I am so pleased. It is packaged beautifully. I will be sitting in front of my fireplace dreaming of Paris.
Truly a lovely vision of Paris through the photographers eyes.

I got this book earlier this week and it's wonderful. The images are a touching tribute to love and friendship. If you are a photographer or just a fan of medium, you should own this book.

My copy arrived yesterday. What a treat!

I received my French Kiss last week and waited till I had a glass of wine on Friday night to enjoy it. It was so worth the wait - a true inspiration of the city of love and a glimpse into the genius of Peter Turnley.

I love this book and will be reviewing the images on a regular basis - it is humanity in a dustcover!

I met Peter when I caught him photographing my wife and I in Paris, in retrospect if I hadn't noticed him I may have been in his images but then again I wouldn't have discovered my favourite photographer!

Thanks for the rich body of work.

My Turnley arrived this afternoon - 25/11/13 - by Fedex. Superb from A to Z!

The surprise: I thought the title "French kiss" was metaphorical. In fact it is completely literal. Peter is really the successor to the great French humanist photographers of the twentieth century, the poet of reality.

Mike, just got the Sergio Larrain book, another purchase based solely on your recommendation. BAM...another home run!

Cheers, Bob

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