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Saturday, 12 October 2013


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Thank you for this! Deborah Luster's work is beautiful, haunting and ultimately- inspiring. There's something to be said for such photography that strives beyond the limits of its technology and the scope of its story telling abilities... beyond its inherent capabilities of fixing what is immediately placed before its lens, in one particular place, in one particular time. Not the easiest thing to do successfully, and without gimmickry.

The work of Eva Leitolf also confronts these uniquely temporal transitions in like manner:



This kind of stuff (crime scene photos) is strangely compelling, but I can't put into words why. The photos of convicts on her website also hold the same kind of attraction for me.


I've walked past spots around my town & neighbourhood where people have been murdered, and I have wondered about what might have gone through a victims mind when they knew that they were about to die. Given some of the spots, I could not help thinking that one of those thoughts would have been "Not here"

Taryn Simon's, The Innocents, is another very compelling work related to crime, but focuses on subjects who have been the victims of a miscarriage of justice


Looking at the photos on her site, I was full of questions. Listening to the NPR radio link answered them. Her life story is as riveting as her images. I applaud her.

You've really been on a roll with the Random Excellence posts lately. More please!

If this is a genre of interest Peter Doyle's book and exhibition of prints made from negatives, many of them glass plates, that he recovered from New South Wales Police archives may appeal. All taken by non specialist coppers not pro photographers.

It's available from amazon but this is a preview:


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