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Monday, 07 October 2013


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Good luck with your venture!!

Slightly ironic given your last post re micro 4/3rds being the best compromise in sensor size, but the best name I could come up with for your new company is Full Frame Press...

I know I suck at editing. This has been a very useful exercise in being disciplined and as objective as possible. Thanks, Mike - and now it's your turn! I suspect it's probably going to be enjoyable and frustrating in equal measure, but I can't help envying you the opportunity to look at the variety of vision of your readership. Close to a thousand photographers is a good sample size.

When you get time, some statistics would be interesting - subjects, digital or film (where known), general focal lengths (were they mainly wide, normal, or telephoto) and whatever else you think may interest us, your readers.

Happy editing!

Hey Mike, will the lucky few chosen be informed publicly? Will the general public be privy to which pictures "won" prior to the books publication?

[No, and no...as I said in the original call for work, this isn't a contest. --Mike]

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