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Friday, 18 October 2013


Here in the uk, 'after noon' can, and often does, mean anywhere up to 7pm. Hope you have a great day off playing pool.


"I've been struggling all week to construct an e-commerce portal for our sales. It's going well but needs (naturally) more work. Luckily I have the day off tomorrow, which will open up some time for that".

I believe "day off" means take a day off! Get away from the computer. Now! Pick up a camera instead. Better for your (mental) health.


And so when we become morose regarding our equipment, devices and captures, we should consider Derek.
Dammit! And I was all set for a bummer day!


What an incredible story. Thanks for sharing! I've had to stay at work until 4am the past two days, and will probably have to do the same tonight, but you just put it all in perspective.


We can both thank Alex and Derek for our cheerier moods this weekend. See ya!

Terrific people everywhere, you just have to look.

Not only is the shallow d-o-f photo unsharp in the corners, it has very weird and uneven vignetting.

Hey Mike, it's a photography blog. Pictures of the pool table installation are entirely on-topic.


I thought you said that you didn't have enough room, so where is this green baize table going to live? : ]


[Hi Roger, Where there's a will there's a way. --Mike]

Good for you.
The question of space reminds me of a friend's episode from years ago. Newlyweds, she was thrilled to get onto a quiz show where she won a pool table. BUT... they had no room in their apartment so had to rent storage space and then were hit by the IRS for tax on the table she won.
He was not thrilled.

I heard that hanging around pool rooms would lead to rack and ruin.

Although the original of the child image likely does have shallow DOF, it has been heavily manipulated on the face, especially the eyes.

No complaint, mind you, simply pointing out that expecting that there is some combination of lens and film/sensor that will give such a result 'out of the camera' would lead to considerable disappointment and/or frustration.

Whether it is the case here or not, it's not particularly difficult to process an original image with more DOF to look similar to this. It's even possible in some cases to take a super shallow DOF shot where the focal plane was slightly missed and move the apparent focal plane forward or back.

Manipulative Moose

the DOF seems razor sharp and shalow yet the lights reflected in the eyes look very much in focus too. photoshop, i say...

"I thought you said that you didn't have enough room, so where is this green baize table going to live? : ]
[Hi Roger, Where there's a will there's a way. --Mike]"

Give us a hint... Are you intending to sleep
on it ? ;-)

What a joy that video presenting Derek was. And the photos were just as great with that shallow DOF. Many thanks for these Mike. Enjoy the pool games.


You appear to have "slashdotted" Flickr :-).

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