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Wednesday, 02 October 2013


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It is your fans who are honored, Mike. Back in the day (whatever THAT means) when you were editor of Photo Techniques, you had graciously published one of my articles and I have been eternally grateful. So, it is my turn to return the favor by sendingmy humble contribution.

A Here Far Away tip: I purchased the English 1st Edition from Pentti's gallerist in NYC, Nailya Alexander. I have no idea if she has more in stock and she certainly has no online ordering system so I guess it would involve calling or stopping by in person. She's not a retail shop per se and not showing Pentti right now so there may be a few left.

My copy of Here Far Away arrived from TBD this morning. It arrived in perfect condition well ahead of the projected delivery dates. I couldn't be happier with it. It is certainly one of the best photo monographs ever printed.

At risk of adding to all the Here Far Away noise, the order I placed with the Book Depository on Oct 1 says it shipped on Oct 2. And it still looks to be available to order as of today.

I don't recall a report on the number of Caponigro prints sold; just curious.

[In this case they prefer not to reveal the sales figures. Some share, some would rather not. I always leave it up to the individuals. --Mike]

I ordered Here Far Away from the Book Depository after Amazon.ca cancelled the order. England to the West Coast of Canada in one week, shipping included in the price of the book.
BD is a new friend. I "think" I clicked your link so hopefully you got something too.

I just received my copy of Here Far Away from The Book Depository. It's extraordinary.

Thanks for the recommendation, Mike.

On a side note: How is it that I can receive a book in flawless condition when it's shipped all the way from the United Kingdom to Kentucky, but Amazon can't deliver a book from their warehouse in Lexington to my home in Louisville - 60 miles away - without destroying the boards?

Props to The Book Depository for using shipping materials designed expressly for (and extremely effective with) books.

For the last week or so, the Book Depository in the UK has had Here, Far Away in stock. The book is on even on sale (as of 3 October) for 27% off its price, leaving the Book Depository's owner— Amazon—charging a third more. I ordered it a couple of days ago at the sale price and just can't wait to get it.

I didn't wait for the email from Amazon, I cancelled my order for Here Far Away as soon as The Book Depository UK confirmed despatch of the same. It arrived yesterday morning Australian time. What a beautiful publication - me thinks the man has a great eye and impeccable timing!

Thank you Mike for bringing "Here Far Away" to our attention. Ordered from the Book Depository on 19 September, it arrived in New Zealand today, 3 October. Very safely packed, the book is in excellent condition and already a great source of pleasure. (I am a happy lurker, appreciating your knowledge and stretched by being introduced to work and vision often on the boundaries of my understanding and appreciation.)

I just got Here Far Away through your Amazon link from England.
It's a beautiful work and shipping was only $3.51.
Thanks for making us aware of it.

It has arrived! Here Far Away that is. Well worth the wait. Got my copy from the Book Depository. I am not canceling my Amazon order as I am hoping to get a second copy.

Thank you Mike for highlighting this book and helping many of us acquire it.

Mike, I sincerely hope you have found another source for Here Far Away. A domestic source. I just got my replacement copy from The Book Depository and--drumroll please--there's a huge ink smear across one image.

I'm starting to think this book is cursed--4+ months, a dozen or so orders, and both copies that I've actually managed to receive are damaged. It's a shame, because the book is beautifully bound and printed, but quality control is clearly very poor. Creased paper, smeared printing, and now a gigantic ink smear.

I guess later today I get to see exactly how good The Book Depository's customer service is--they've already given me a full refund for one defective copy.

Fingers crossed.

"Here Far Away" is readily available in German, the title is called "hier weit entfernt", published by Kehrer. Since there is not a lot of (German) text in it, this version may also be an option for non-German speaking readers.

Came home to find my Caponigro print waiting for me. Stunning. Beyond my expectations. JP is a true master printer. And mine is #2. I'm imagining #1 in the Smithsonian. How cool would that be? Many thanks Mike for your part in this offer, one of the best TOP sales for sure.

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