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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


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How many prints were shipped? I have not seen this information stated anywhere. As a limited edition, isn't this something which the purchasers should be told?

Mine arrived in Melbourne Oz today. Very nice, thank you.

Mine arrived almost 2 weeks ago. I cut my own mat with just one window, left a little space below so that the signatures would show. I centered the window in the mat, but I don't really like it that way, so when I brought it to my framer the suggested they could trim the top of the mat so that the window is a bit higher in the mat. I chose a charcoal colored wood frame, about 1" square face, and this amazing glazing I'd never seen before ... because, really, you CAN'T see the glazing. There is absolutely not reflection looking at it from any direction. It's costly stuff but this is a special print so worth it.

Do we know how many of these were eventually printed? The 'edition' size?

Mike, why wouldn't you want your print mounted?

[Hi Duncan, It's not considered good practice by archivists and preservationists for original art. --Mike]

With a fiber sheet of this size would one not eventually see some warping (rolling) of the image if not mounted to the backing mat? If I remember correctly this is Velvet Fine Art and may not lay as flat as a baryta paper.

I did the same as Gordon above. Looks great and I'm proud to own and display images from this dynamic duo!

In a word: stunning. Pleased on so many levels with this. Framing is a challenge, to be sure - to give each photograph its just due. But what a challenge to have!

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