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Tuesday, 29 October 2013


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Best of luck, Mike. You are an inspiration to all of us that have gotten off the escalator of corporate America and are making our own way in this crazy digital world.

BTW, looks like "I'm bad at math" may be a myth...

A fine example of working to one's strengths is my wife Cathryn's current sculptural installation in the Saskatchewan Craft Council's gallery:

The 71-foot-long line control cord entitled Language Barrier is constructed with approximately 37,000 paper beads individually hand-made from a discarded library edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases. One of Cathryn's early art instructors criticized her for works that were too fiddly and detailed. Cathryn says proudly of this exhibition, "I have taken a bug and turned it into a feature!"

Obsession is not necessarily unproductive.

I hope everything goes smoothly and the sale is a smashing success.

Obviously I don't know what it's actually like, but I like your concept already in supporting multiple (non-PayPal) payment methods. It's a constant problem I have with online payment sites not supporting the traveller or someone who lives in out of the way places. So, big thumbs up from me before you've started.

Look at it this way, Mike. The healthcare.gov site has set the bar so low, people will be happy if your site works at all.

Good luck with all this Mike.

Best of luck!

At least you won't have millions of people desperately needing the thing you're selling, and the national news media all primed for it to be the big story.

On the other hand, you didn't have 600 million dollars and over a year to develop the site, either :-) . (Yeah, what you've done is *much* simpler.)

Your own merchant account is a good move, and still supporting PayPal is a good move; you'll make more people happy that way, of course.

Have you considered opening up the site with one thing for sale for $0, and letting people try to complete the transaction, to see if it works?


Wait a sec!! If you are good at discerning overall patterns, getting to the root of things and working at 'system' level, then you could have also been very good at algebra - if you had wanted to be. "-) Those qualities are very important in mathematics research where new ideas come from seeing the big picture first - and working out the details later.

But I empathize with all algebra haters and flunkees for many reasons too numerous to get into here. Some other time, perhaps.

Meanwhile, it is great to see another step towards making the TOP Photo Publishing a reality.

That should have been TOP Photobook Publishing.

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