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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


It's better than "shooting."

It's the Daily Bile! My left wing nearly fell off

I recollect that we once talked about capturing 'moments' and not only images.

You ought to publish a warning when linking to the Daily (Hate) Mail, Mike - it is, by far, one of the nastiest papers in the UK today.

I too was dismayed to be linked to the filth that is the DM

"Did you just "TAKE" "MY" picture?"
"No - I was just capturing passing butterflies and the occasional image"

I take (pot)shots with my camera on the street, but capture images with a camera stuck on the microscope turret!

These days everyone seems to want to invent ways to complicate the language. 'At this moment in time' is a perfect example, currently being used as a substitute for 'now'.
Admittedly capturing and image probably doesn't take any longer to say than taking a picture but you are absolutely right.... It grates.

It's a shame the clarity slider ruined that perfectly nice picture.

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