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Friday, 18 October 2013


Works fine for me.

They are all big, that is why after 30 years of pro work I switched to the X Pro 1 system, never looked back for a second, I wonder how I even survived the Digital DSLR without the extremely efficient aperture ring.

Widget Works Wonderfully!

I had no problems. There was nothing there.

Instead of trading it in you might do better selling your D800 on eBay. Currently low-mileage bodies are selling for about $2200.

Mike, the widget works fine, even all the way over here in Merrie England.
I've been using a D600 since July and for me the image quality is impeccable and the size and weight advantages over the D800 are significant. I'm sure the D610 would suit you very well as an all purpose camera.
My problem is I'm now having lustful thoughts about the Voigtlander 40mm f2 Ultron as a nice little walkaround package. One day I'll be free from these impure thoughts. One day.

I'm using the Chrome browser in my newly updated Windows 8.1 and the link above is the ONLY thing that is working in win8.1.

The widget worked for me. I didn't get a D610 (quite happy with my D800E), but a bunch of small stuff that I needed. Hope you got the credit.

Peter Wright

No problems, it works!

But the Canon 6D at almost $400 less is the smokin' deal right now...if yer into that full-frame DSLR thang, that is.

Hi Mike, on chrome, android, after clicking, the new window opens within the ad, in a tiny square of abstractness. But I don't have a problem with that, I need to sell a 5d, 50mm ef 1.4, and x10 to buy a second Canon body, like the 6d you posted earlier, alas, haven't gotten around to selling my gear to take advantage of that deal.
Oh by the way, I like your pool posts... just so you know there are actual pool players out there somewhere, that know something about photography.

Well, it was dutiful of you to experience the D800 on our behalf but really unless you have a large investment in Nikon glass there are so many more interesting (and smaller) alternatives to the D610 available now.
With the Oly for general use isn't it time you tried one of the Sigma Merrills (DP2 45mm eqiv.?)for us.

Works fine on my old PC.

Fortunately I'm a broke Canon shooter, still lamenting the 6D deal...


As an ex-D600 owner and now D800 owner I would not go back - even for $500. The file size IS bigger, but I have (like you) a 16MP cam for "casual".

The couple of hundred grams is not noticeable when you have any lenses attached, and some of the missing features are simply mean (like no instant 100% preview). The grip is also less comfortable.

It may also be my imagination, but focus seems quite a bit better as well. I used to get a few issues with one or two lenses on the D600 which are fine on the D800.

Nothing wrong with the IQ in the main, just you are going to lose money and gain nothing IMO.

Works fine. Win 8, Firefox. Glad I haven't "upgraded" my Win 8 to 8.1 I guess. Sorry to hear the Dragoon is weighing you down too much. If you don't need the pixels nor the build quality then the 610 makes sense.

Works fine if you wait a little bit. Opens blank then eventually goes where it should.

I get this in my RSS feed

The following is an experiment:

Your browser does not support iFrame.

(Please let me know if you have any problems when you click on this.

So it doesn't work well for ads in feeds

[Ah, so that's what that bit of HTML was. I wondered. Thanks. --Mike]

It works on the iPhone

All good on safari on an iPhone 5. Luckily, Nikon is against my religion.

Went right to it. No problems.

It worked fine in Feedly (RSS reader) and on the Typepad site using Chrome.

Mike - the widget works fine on my PC but not on my Nexus 7 tablet (Chrome browser), in case you are interested in feedback from the mobile-device community.

Worked fine for me - but no temptation. I know darn good and well that I get more use and more keepers with smaller cameras. Sticking with a couple of Panasonic micro 4/3rds bodies (DMC-G3's) for now.

Clicked right on through on my IPad.


Didn't work in the RSS feed reader. Works fine in Safari on iPad mini.

I got tired of carrying SLRs for everything a long time ago. But I still keep one around as it does work well for some things.

If you sell the D800 and keep the money you're ahead of the game. If you spend it--even part of it--on a D610 you will have bought a camera that's only slightly smaller and will depreciate by several hundred dollars as soon as you unbox it. That's fine if the money is no great concern. If it is, then you should consider getting a refurbished D600 instead. Same basic camera for less. Or try one of the new Sony full-frames. It's a compact body and you've already got a few Minolta/Sony mount lenses. The shutter is loud but you've never been a particularly stealthy photographer anyway.

On Safari and Lion, works fine.

I don't think it is working for me. I have clicked on it dozens of times and I still can't afford it???

(Kidding aside, link works fine on my Android tablet.)

Your widget works fine on my recently acquired 2013 nexus7 tablet running the latest and greatest Android operating system.

"...I just have no need for all the pixels..."

Are you thinking that since your (unopened?) Pixma Pro-1 is only 13" wide, the D610 would be a better match? Better to keep the D800, sell the printer, and upgrade to a 17" wide model.

Just sayin'...

I love my D800e, but it replaced a 4x5. I aim for beautiful 30x24 prints, and hope the next iteration will get me to the 40x30 prints I had with film. However, if I wasn't printing big it would be a waste.

I would think that the new A7/A7R with the Zeiss 35/2.8 would be a no-brainer for you, Mike.

Mike, I switched out an 800E for a 600 and was very happy I did it. Like you, I liked the 800 but didn't need the pixels, and was just as happy managing smaller files (and camera). I use the 600 to shoot a lot of rugby, and it pairs nicely with the Tamron 70-300 (which is a lens that I consider under-appreciated, at least in this context). Mike Allen, Vancouver

Mac/Chrome - works fine.

Mike, while I was happy to see that you chose my camera of choice (the plain D800), I was also worried, because having read your blog for years now, I didn't think it was the right camera for you.

If the Nikon rumours about the digital FE2-successor (I completely agree with you, and I also prefer A mode to M mode) are true at all, that might be a lot more interesting to you, I would bet. FF but much smaller size and more classical operation. I am thinking about one for myself as well. I am a FF addict (although I have an MFT system primarily for family duty), and cannot see myself switching to any of the APS-C systems.

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