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Friday, 27 September 2013


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Mitch Epstein's book, New York Arbor, is also worth a look.

Is there an American source for this? Or even an international vendor who won't charge almost $40 for shipping? Amazon.co.uk have it in stock from a third party, but they won't ship to the US.

Arbres inédits d'Eugène Atget. Éditions Marval 2003

39 photographs.

If you find it, go for it!

Saying more would be a bit ridiculous.

Another one worth a look: Takeshi Shikama's The Silent Respiration of Forests. Black and whites that breathe better in print than in a web image.

Also, the great Albert Renger-Patzsch's Bäume (Trees) published only in a limited edition back in 1962, with an introduction by the infamous Ernst Jü

Goody, another coffee table book.

(Sorry couldn't resist).

These reviews are beginning to hurt my wallet. The shipping to the US was painful, but hopefully worthwhile.

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