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Friday, 13 September 2013


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Capturing such little slices of cultural inflections is precisely what the Smithsonian is all about.

Separately, some years ago a very renowned photographic artist had also done some "real" work with one of the first iPhones. He was quite impressed with the phone's camera (although it was admittedly his first venture into digital imaging...he'd been a large-format guy most of his career). Apple got a heads-up to his work and wanted him to participate in a promotional campaign for the (then new) iPhone which he refused, feeling that such product endorsements would debase his strong stature as an artist (which it certainly would).

Interestingly, some time later this fellow was very disappointed with the camera in a replacement iPhone of the same model. It turned out that the high quality of that original model was something of a mistake according to what the Apple corporate rep told him.

So when I read this piece I had to wonder if Caponigro's original iPhone was among this "too good to be true" batch. If so, it belongs in a museum for yet another reason!

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