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Thursday, 12 September 2013


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Will the winners be offering prints for sale of their entries...and/or possible other finalists entries? I think some of them would be of interest to many TOP readers. Not pricey fine art works, simply quality machine prints.

I'll leave it to the imagination, but I recall a headline (possibly The Guardian) reporting on the Large Hadron Collider.

(my local newspaper leaves FPO text at least weekly with such useful photo captions as ejf proefnv eorn3)

The Washington Nationals baseball team got new jerseys a year or two ago. First batch was missing a letter and so now many people still call them the Washington Natinals. Unbelievable.

By way of correction to a previous post, in fact the paper was dubbed "The Grauniad" by - who else? - "Private Eye". Which probably means nothing to inhabitants of the USA. For reference the latter's a venerable satirical magazine.

Typos on the web are bad enough, but typos in print live on forever as examples shown in journalism classes...

Could we add your signature to the quote? I just want to assign proper blame.

It'll read,

"Ytpos never rest."

—Mike the Ed.

with a proper link to this permalink.


"It was often called The Grauniad, after it once referred to itself by that name."

It was called The Grauniad because the satirical magazine Private Eye refered to it that way. The joke went that they once misspelled the masthead (of course they never did but you'd beleive it just about possible). Private Eye regularly misspells names for comic effect e.g. the odious "no win, no fee" libel law firm Carter-Ruck was never called Carter-Ruck in the Eye.

They even published a book of their mistakes and corrections "Corrections and Clarifications" by Ian Mayes.



Some corrections are too good to need embellishment: "Readers of the obituary of Mel Tormé in the early editions of June 7 will be glad to hear that his nickname, which appeared as the Velvet Frog, was in fact the Velvet Fog."

Sometimes a note of weariness enters Mr Mayes's prose. "We spelt Morecambe, a town in Lancashire, wrong again yesterday. We often do."

In Grauniad land, poor Joan Heal starred in Grab Me A Gondolier, "pees" are "mushy" and Devon is identified as Cornwall. "Readers who thought they saw the same Austin cartoon on page one on successive days yesterday and the day before, did. Sorry about that."

One started to think they might be doing it deliberately.

So Mike could see tpyos on POT as a bussness oppertunity and not a mear transposition eror (as do I).

You're a [sic] man, Mike.

I wink I thill

Several years ago, a street crew here in Richmond, Ca., painted "BMUP" in big white letters letters in front of a speed bump-

My favourite misspelling was on the placards of a protest rally when I was a student. As so often the placards were provided by the tiny, super-organised far left Socialist Workers Party and read: Education is a Right not a Privilige!

Google "misspelled tattoos." Sigh. Most are of the your-you're, to-too, there-their variety. Some are real train wrecks.

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