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Sunday, 15 September 2013


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Does each image have a title?

[Yes. There's more information at the sale page, including the titles. --Mike]

Absolutely incredible. When you said it was to be a father-son print I racked my brain as to who could it be. When you announced it was the Caponigro father-son I simultaneously went Duh! and OMG! (Actually it was OMFG! but you can't say that here.)

You have had some great print sales but this tops them all.

How does one know if it's appropriate to display certain B&W and color photographs together?

The photos above look okay together, but that's definitely not always the case. Personally, I always display B&W and color photos separately.

I am so stoked!! This is an absolutely amazing print offer. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

JP does not make photographs, he makes Photoshop illustrations. Im my mind there is a big difference.

[Hi Larry, John Paul's "Uyuni, Bolivia, 2012" can be considered a "straight" photograph. It was processed entirely on the iPhone--brightness, contrast, and saturation were adjusted and it was cropped, and that's all. There was no Photoshop manipulation at all. --Mike]

Just a thought, putting Frosted Window on the left might look better.
Thanks for organizing the print sale.

[Hi Ray, John Paul and Paul considered (and tried out, I'm told) all sorts of options--different sizing, spacing, and arrangements, etc. What you see is what they want. In my view, that's all part of the artwork and it's up to the artists to determine. --Mike]

Nice result in the choice of images and I love the way they decided that there was balance with Dad's print larger than Junior's, because there is..at least looking at them on my laptop monitor they're working.

Challenging but accessible combo..very nice.

Now if I had 500 pieces of lettuce, I'd cop one.

So much for that lens I was looking at...

Thanks, Mike. This is a "once in a lifetime deal" that visually solidifies the history of art photography in my lifetime, at least for me. Being a Father/Son Caponigro collaboration and a TOP sale is just icing on the cake! (Still kicking myself for not getting one of Ctein's last dye transfers, so no hesitation this time...)

A wonderful opportunity to own a print from one of Photography's historically significant families. if only the timing was better for my budget....

This is a great opportunity, and I have already put yet another crowbar in my wallet, but where/when are the promised two-digit print sales to take place?

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