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Tuesday, 24 September 2013


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She is excellent. Both her and Ctein have been to the Mpls Photo Center in recent years and I've had the pleasure of seeing both of their work in person.

Excellent stuff.

What about Philippe Halsman? He'd at least beat the average I would think. Sure, it's hard not to smile when you're jumping for a portrait, but even among his non-jumping subjects, a kind of quiet introspective smile doesn't seem like a rare thing.

She doesn't seem to have an archive of past work on her website, but her series The Impossible Tasks is well worth googling for. Great Stuff.

What a very pleasant surprise! And how admirably cohesive her work is. Thoroughly enjoyed it - while it is not at all what I make or would wish to make myself, enabling me all the more to enjoy it in total freedom.

Lovely image, on several levels; made more interesting and unusual by having three different samples of one colour (red) and no other colour; the back of the truck, the rear lights and the little girl's pink face.

Wish I had had some sort of deep analysis critique for this shot. I'll just say I love it. Simple is good.

Interestingly, your still version of the picture looks more interesting and clearer than the moving one at her site.

David- her moving images are simply beautiful. What a great way to honour the essence of a photo. I wish I could do the same. I hope she makes a bundle. She deserves it.

Excellent. Move over Cindy Sherman !

The 10 minute video on her website is a good insight into the artistic mindset. I appreciate the aesthetic nature of things but I'm no artist; more a documentary style photographer.

I was introduced to Ms. Harvey's work a few years ago by Joyce Tenneson, a reasonably famous portraitist who displays very few smiles in her subjects!

I was introduced to her through a B&H Video early this year. Worth watching!

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G30N28gX6Yc

I have had the pleasure of hearing her speak at a ASMP sponsored lecture at the wonderful Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester MA. She is an English transplant living in Main. She is funny, endearing and very honest. Her commercial success seems to have taken her a bit by surprise as she was tending more towards fine art.

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