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Saturday, 07 September 2013


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On the day of the announcement, the first secondhand Fuji X100s that I've seen hereabouts, appeared for sale on my local camera shop's website. Maybe a coincidence...

Well, I cannot tell anything about the lens from those photos, but it appears to work. As soon as I realized the photos were of Tokyo, I was curious to see if we could get through set without yet another photo of Shibuya's Hachiko crossing. The answer is no. The lens, the camera, none of it improved the typical yet-another-photo-of-Shibuya-crossing.

Sorry, I hate all photos of Shibuya crossing as a matter of principle. I hate all photos of Japanese Snow Monkeys in a hot spring too, regardless of the lens used, the camera, or the creamy boke.

End of pointless rant. Thank you.

Somehow it's frustrating that Fuji brings out all these cool lenses while other mirrorless manufacturers don't and I'm not a Fuji user. Still, there's nothing particularly appealing in Fuji bodies to me.

What's distinguishing for a Fujinon? I don't think I've ever used one.

I think we're at a point where Fuji, m4/3 and NEX (particularly through Zeiss/Touit) all have pretty tremendous lenses to offer. Of course, as far as sensors go, m4/3 gives up a bit in size, and Fuji's X-Trans is a matter of taste, so I'd probably still go NEX with the Zeiss lenses, but it is really a tough call as to what to pick, these days.

I liked looking at Kevin Mullin's photos made with this new lens. I thought he did a great job of showing what the lens can do in a wide range of conditions. (I get tired of the dpreview approach which is to show only images from a vary narrow range of conditions, usually unchallenging ones.)

Unfortunately, I think the lens will likely not feel at home on the X-E1... too heavy. I'm probably going to go for the 27/2.8 for my X-E1, or possibly the 35/1.4 for the X-Pro1.

Excellent. Love that they're including focus scales on the high-end lenses. It'll really make these cameras perfect street shooters. Once they update the X-Pro1 I'm all in on this system. Clenching my X100 tight until then.

Just pre-ordered one (from the link above, 'course).

A few years ago, I thought about what would be my perfect small, travel system (when I'm not using my d700). Here's what I came up with: something that had a viewfinder, a nice wide-angle, a fast 35mm-e, a better than kit normal zoom and a decent telephoto zoom.

Along with the 14mm, 18-55 and 55-200, this lens completes that dream set for me. I still use my d700 professionally, but the X-e1 for most of my family/personal stuff. Right now, tracking autofocus speed is the only thing holding me back from using the fuji for everything.

Do you mean that it looks just like old Fujinons optically? If so, how? I'm curious. I'd also like to see how this compares to the X100 23/2.

Mine's on preorder at Amazon. And now I start saving up for the 53mm f/1.2.

This lens is uber tempting. I might have to buy a camera to mount it on. Rats!

Nice to see Fuji bringing out the digital equivalent of the Contax G2.

"Another bites the ...wallet"... I have been slowly adding to my Fuji X system, which now comprises two XE-1, one 18-55 lens, and one 14 lens. This one I will probably buy about one year from now; seems like another winner.

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