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Friday, 20 September 2013


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You don't have to go too far to find weird time zones. Newfoundland essentially has its own time zone, which is also skewed by half an hour. This happened as a result of Newfoundland being a separate country when time zones were established.

According to Wikipedia the provincial government tried to synchronize it with the rest of Canada in 1963 but failed.

It's true some places are in time zones offset by half an hour. I didn't realise Adelaide was one, but I have been in Newfoundland ... and the half hour was the least of its weirdness! Only kidding ...

Central Australia, including Adelaide, should be at GMT +9, but to facilitate trade with the eastern States, the government set the time as GMT + 9.5. There are several examples of non-standard time zones.

Voltz (in Adelaide)

Mike , on the sale announcement page: John Paul's portrait is mirror from the one on his web site.

[True. I turned them around so they'd be facing each other. With permission, of course. --Mike]

Really sorry not to be able to participate in this one, as it was highly appealing and generously priced... But current cashflow did not allow.

Here's a trick question. What would the time be in Phoenix?

[4:37? Sorry, the same George Carlin joke again. --Mike]

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