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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


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Now that you have the dual print posted at the top of TOP, I like it even more.

I am thinking of changing the color of my computer screen to match your wall too.

Bravo! The video is spectacular! thank you!

Good story, Mike. It makes me wonder if some of today's photographs with what I think are overly photoshopped images, will have the staying power of the Paul Caponigro print that you fell in love with.

Gary's point is well made and illustrated beautifully by the Photoshopped & Nikfiltered work of Kevin Raber currently showing on luminous-landscape. Compare & contrast, as teacher would say

Great video. Talk about less being more...

Thank you for posting this video of Paul Caponigro, Mike. I'd not seen it, nor have I had the pleasure of meeting Paul or hearing him speak. A transcript of Paul's remarks would be a wonderful read in itself. For examples:

"Minor [White] would photograph not only for what things are but for what else they are."

"In order to be a good photographer you need to work more on your emotions than you do on your technique."

And my favorite, regarding how some photographers seem to over-analyze their work:

"...blah, blah, blah. Too much noise. I like surprises."

Paul Caponigro's visual skills, his craftsmanship, and his overall spirit as a photographic artist represent the motor of the bus that has carried, and continues to carry, so many riders to so many destinations.

I was a bit worried about the video as it looked as if it was just an ad for a camera. It had no caption and wasn't referenced in the text. I thought the comment by 'Mike' above was sarcastic.

Some people might have missed it because of this. I nearly did.

It's the same with our own work. I can return to contact sheets from many years ago and see images that make me think, "Why did I never see this one before?" So I'll pop the neg in the scanner, make a print, and voila - an old acquaintance becomes a new friend.

Listen to that man! What a voice and just so eloquently put. Wow.

I'm also now realising that I'm reading a website written mostly by someone who spent weeks looking over the same photo, before falling in love with it, paying it off over a month, then painting the wall that he wanted to put it on.

I tip my hat because I'm not sure my dedication is that absolute!


btw: This print sale didn't grab me until I saw it on John Paul's web site, slightly larger. It's like I'm looking out of two windows in the same room, in the same house, and I'm seeing two different worlds. But my mind keeps telling me that I'm in the same house... what a mystery. Pity this month is for paying taxes here in France :(

Lovely post Mike. I wasn't going to splurge on this TOP sale. I couldn't like the images on my screen - but you got this little voice nagging away inside me that I shouldn't prejudge, and I should look again. Oh well. If I don't like it, I can put it in the cellar (appropriately stored) and hope that it ages gracefully - or maybe I should hope that I do.

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