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Thursday, 05 September 2013


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I just got shipping confirmation from Amazon.co.uk: "Your order is on the way, and can no longer be changed." As if I would cancel it now. (I ordered it in January.)

Thanks Mike. When you warned us of the availability, on friday, I immediately placed an order from Amazon US. I will have it within one to two month, but I don´t care.

Hi Mike,

On September 4th I got a message from Amazon here in the UK that the estimated arrival date is Sept 11th to 13th. I think that estimate is for the actual delivery rather than when it will be in stock.

And to think I only ordered it on January 6th. Impressive ;-)


I cancelled my Amazon UK (direct) order early last week after an 8 month wait and ordered it from a shop selling through Amazon called Wordery who had 10 in stock when Amazon had none - uh ? It is marked as dispatched so I am very much looking forward to seeing it at last.
Thanks, Mike.

Hello Mike,
my copy has arrived from the Book Depository. Not sure that you're aware of this, but there's a polemic in the UK about Amazon, which avoids paying uk tax by being based in Luxembourg. Like many others, I prefer to give my business to the Book Depository, which is UK based.

Anyway, the book was WELL worth waiting for. Thanks for keeping us informed about it.


I got my copy delivered today in the UK, three days after I ordered it...

Hi Mike, I ordered it from The Book Depository on Tuesday and received a "Your order is on its way" confirmation on Wednesday. Thanks for the recommendation and notices.

I just ordered mine through your link. I won't be waiting 8 months though. ;)

Wow, January orders being server just now? And my june order seemed old...

[Hi Erik, It's not Amazon's fault. The Second Edition was originally scheduled to be published quite a long time ago, but was delayed because of the photographer being ill. The reason they didn't deliver was because there were no books to sell. --Mike]

Hi Mike,

Mostly OT but Amazon/B&H related: Fuji has their shiny and new 23mm on pre-order. Do you get a slice of pre-orders or should I be prudent, wait for the glowing reviews and then order it? Which raises the other question: Do you get your cut from a back order? That's a condition that will likely exist for that lens.

Want to make sure I order properly and support your site.

I have a shipping estimate of Friday August 9, 2013 - Monday September 9, 2013 from Amazon US. I placed my order in late June. I will let you all know when it finally shows up.

I ordered an italian version of the book and arrived in a week.

Play.com via one of their online resellers Wordery have this at £26.49, quite a discount on Amazon's £45. Perhaps it was a typo and they will refuse to honour - but here's hoping!

Not entirely getting the enthusiasm at the moment so hopefully the book when it arrives will demonstrate this

This is off-topic, but in response to Chris Richards: it's worth being aware that The Book Depository are now owned by Amazon. Personally I'm happy to order from Amazon and send some money to ToP in the process!

My copy hasn't yet arrived from Amazon but they charged my credit card the other day, so they probably really have stock now.

Ditto on the Book Depository. I ordered it the day you posted about it, and it's already been shipped (although I haven't received it yet).

I placed my order in July at Amazon (US) after the false alarm but decided to just wait it out. I haven't received shipping confirmation yet but if folks who ordered in January are just now getting theirs I'll continue to wait patiently!


Mike, I pre-ordered mine from The Book Depository in March. After four notifications that the book was available and shipping, and then not receiving it, I was finally notified that it shipped last Monday.

Every time I asked TBD "where's my promised book" they said "sorry false alarm, would you like to be taken off the list and get a refund?" I said no, I'll wait.

Based on your review and just the few pictures I saw, I wasn't letting this one get away.

cheers, Bob

I have been awaiting the book, ordered through my local independent bookstore. After Mike's last update I forwarded the info to Sweet Pea (owner of King's Books, in Tacoma, WA) and was informed it should be in on or about 9/30. I order much through TOP links, but books I get from the local. I do, however, also periodically send actual Paypal money to Mike to help keep the lights on.


Okay, to support TOP and because maybe keeping a pristine copy of this book around is a good idea (I'm rough on books no matter how careful I am) I just ordered another copy of this book through your Amazon link. Hopefully I hit the checkout button in time!

Cheers, Bob

Well Amazon US just cancelled my order due to a lack of availability.

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