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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


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Where did the missing ink go? Was there a puddle somewhere inside the printer?

Dear Andrew,

A good question! I'm assuming it all went into the maintenance cartridge, 'cuz ink didn't start dripping out of the bottom of the printer.

I don't know what the cart's absorbance capacity is but it must be pretty good, since some 200+ml of extra "waste" ink went there.

Or, possibly, a small black hole opened up in some recess of the printer [s].

pax / Ctein

I have almost your exact same darkroom equipment setup, sitting boxed and unused for many years but in perfect working order (when retired). If you have more than one interested party, please send them my way? I too will entertain most any offer.
Thank you!!
Joe Boris
Boris Photography
Atlanta, GA

"Or, possibly, a small black hole..."

If a different cartridge line was leaking, would the ink have gone into a "light light black hole"? Or even possibly a "vivid magenta hole"?

Dear Joe,

I think if they're within driving distance of my place, they're not within driving distance of yours [grin]. But, hey, people, now you know of two places you can get gear.

You might look into making a charitable donation. There are still schools and the like around with darkrooms. I've got a pet one that I regularly make donations to, but they're not local and I'd really rather not have to ship the big stuff.

A donation can pay off for both parties. When I stopped doing RA-4 printing several years back, I put my substantial inventory of paper up for sale. Even with me guaranteeing its goodness, and a price that was less than 1/3 the best available price for new stock, I couldn't move 80% of it. So I sent it off to my charity, and with the tax deduction, I actually profited more than if I'd sold it.

Doing well by doing good.

pax / Ctein

"Super Focus" glasses.
Every time Ctein publishes something about these things I think: "a solution looking for a problem". A solution that seems to create a few of its own problems along the way. Slip-on sunglasses! Gimme a break, those things were an anachronism 30 years ago.
Remind me what the problem is with ordinary specs? I ask as someone who has worn them for 56 years - including (currently) vari-focals - with no difficulty whatsoever, like most spectacle wearers I know.

Dear Roy,

In a word, no.

I'm not going to remind you. You can read my previous columns on these that explain exactly and at considerable length why these are my favored solution.

There's no reason to repeat myself.

pax / Ctein

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