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Friday, 13 September 2013


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If you're unwilling to clutter up ToP with updates, but are bursting with the desire to generate updates, consider an alternate channel! Some of us are bursting with the desire to hear updates! Maybe a twitter account dedicated to the publishing house?

Love the Bill Hanson photo.

Quick Nurse! The Screens!

We don't want to expose the ublisher to too
many outside influences, or do we?

No, no! Please no twitter. My facebook account got hacked after just a couple of months. No "social media" for me. Are contributors from the distant past barred from participating?

What about HBayard Books? or Hippolyard Books — but its pronunciation would likely get mangled.

Quiet color, straight and ambiguous- got it! Kinda like like mutually palatble politics.

Piece o' cake!

PS- All shttin' aside, get the (near) equals of the two above, and it'll be one helluva book...

What?! No hyper-saturated and super-sharp images? The book will never sell, I'm telling ya.


But Mike, you didn't tell me how to send you the 3-400 pictures of mine that you should see!!!!

I kid, I kid ;)

Good luck with this. I too am very excited, and would read as many updates as you care to write.

When you open the submissions floodgate, please specify reproduction size, as that might effect our choices.

Why not calling it "Hippolyte Books", then?
Whatever the name, good luck with your venture!

Great idea, looking forward to joining in! If I may, one request: would you please allow participants to submit a maximum of three pictures? Each one of us is no doubt a good judge of our own work at a wider level (rejects will be rejects and portfolio quality will be portfolio quality in almost everyone's book), but often not at a micro level. I think you may miss a lot of reallly good pictures, well suited to the atmosphere of the total collection only you have in mind, when we are allowed to self-select only one. And you being an excellent, experienced judge (see Ctein's one-before-last sale, when he gladly left the final choice to you), I actually don't think it will take you a lot more time. But IMHO it will quite likely increase the overall quality of the book.

Yes. Please. No "twiter", no "facebook", no "socialmedia" and etc. Thanks a lot...Please!!!

Your publishing company could be named after that ol' Cole Porter tune: "You're the Top Publishing" - You're the top! You're Mahatma Gandhi. You're the top! You're Napoleon Brandy. . . It's a little cheesy, I know, but it's positive!

Wow. Colour the way it used to be! I took a shot just last weekend right in that line, too.

It would be interesting to know how many submissions you still receive despite your emphatic requests not to do so.

Marque Bayard
Chateau Bayard
Hippolyte & Fils, Fine Books

Just put book publishing updates in a Sidebar? It would satisfy our curiosity and keep it out of the main area.

How do you plan to deal with analog submissions? Preview scan or print for submission then a real drum scan for repro?

[I'll have to deal with that when I deal with it, which I haven't yet. --Mike]

Michael JohnsTon Publishing Unlimited

(The uppercase T is for TOP. Alternatively, there can be a *star* in there somewhere, like Zeiss' or Pentaxes'.)

Mike, how about naming it TOP Bayard Books or Hip Bayard Books or Bayard TOP Books?

Mike Johnston wrote:
> My publishing company still doesn't have a name.
> [..]
> This publishing venture, quixotic as it might yet turn out to be [..]

"Quijano Books" might be a possibility, then ;-)

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