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Thursday, 26 September 2013


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How about specifying a maximum width for "small JPEG"?

[Good thought--added]

And are links to other people's work appearing on public access sites such as Flickr and 500px acceptable?

[Sure. You don't need to know the person. --Mike]

you might accept quietcoloursuggestion in your email filter ...

... I'm going to try and pick out 3 of mine that I think might be considered quiet colour. Should be fun.

After a cursory glance at my giant pile of photos I noticed that like many I tend to boost my colors more than keep them subdued. Perhaps for some it will be a good exercise in re-processing some favorites.

Just curious, why the preference for digital work over film?

Hi, are tasteful nudes OK?

Are attachments ok, or do you want the photos in the body of the e-mail, like you asked for in the reader contest?

[Body is better. Otherwise just send a link, I have no problem following links. --Mike]

Good luck!

I don't have anything suitable, really, but I hope you don't mind if I tell some of my talented friends about this. I'll leave the less talented friends to find it themselves ;)

[Sure, spread the word. This isn't limited to regular TOP readers. --Mike]

Not intending to open any kind of can-of-worms, but I notice that you request "art photographs". Would this mean that, say, documentary or portraits are not eligible ??

I think that a bit of clarification will help a lot of people here - I will probably select and submit three pictures, and it would be unfortunate for the both of us, if I submit "off topic" pictures.

[I guess I mean to say that generic pretty pictures and scenics aren't likely to be chosen. But then, the right landscape could be, and portraits or documentary photographs aren't excluded.

I really don't want to specify too much, because I want to see what you like, not what you think I might like. --Mike]

I'm struggling with how to type


with only one "s."

[I don't think you're really struggling (g) --Mike]

I sent you those three one terrabyte hardrives of my work over two weeks ago. Have you finished going through them? As you can see above I dont have much time left to send in my entries!

[Jim, You sent them via USPS, and they were delivered to a Pacific island atoll by mistake. They were left on the sand where the tide only gets to them some of the time. I'm sure they're fine. --Mike]


Drat - I had a submission in mind but it's panoramic aspect ratio :(

Hello Mike, what do you call 'recent' for submitted photographs?

I thought I'd have more to submit (still going through files) but it turns out my color is a little louder than I'd thought.

Gee Mike! I sure hope the rather large cashiers check, made out to you for your time, doesnt get ruined by all that salt water!

[That explains the formerly impoverished islander who is now driving a Ram 1500 pickup truck with longhorns mounted to the radiator, who is mysteriously insisting that his friends call him him "Mike." --Mike]

Thanks for mentioning the restriction against panoramics; I've been assembling a set for me to choose from and it included one very nice panorama. (I see the issue with panoramas in books, probably just not including them in this first try is your best choice.)

Okay, time to make final choices.

(You're not really surprised at the number of submissions are you?)

Fully agree with all the points you made about the good layout of a photo book. I cannot fathom how some people can spoil good pictures, even their own, by making them cross the gutter. Salgado is guilty as charged, among many others. It spoils the book when you have to squeeze the pages flat to at least see the whole picture, and still there is that big line running in the middle. Unbelievable. Square is good and neutral. But I dont mind having pictures on facing pages. And I would actually prefer to have the title under the picture, or on the facing page if you don't have a picture there, rather than at the end so you dont have to flip back and forth if you want to see the place or title. But apart from that I am in full agreement with all your points, so you must be onto something. I have a few shelves of regularly browsed photobooks myself.

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