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Friday, 30 August 2013


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Every month or so I get an e-mail from Amazon.ca telling me that it's not available but they are trying...
I'm ever hopeful

Rats, I've been watching this on amazon.co.uk. I delayed and missed a copy from a non-amazon seller for about £31 this morning. Now you've told everybody.


I've been eagerly awaiting this. I just placed my order, shipping dates were given as Oct 11 - Nov 19th. Thanks!

I hope I get a copy, but I'm not sure I know how many I really have on order! Back when you very first reccommended the book I ordered through your Amazon link. And then when the British copy was announced I ordered again. Who knows? maybe yet another time? They keep telling me they are on order! At any rate I'm anxious to recieve one and maybe I'll have others for re-sale!At this rate maybe they will pay for my daughters college in six years! Please keep up the reccomemdations, so far they've all been great!

I ordered a copy through your page the very day you first posted about this book last January when it was only available via Amazon UK. That UK bookseller (Charles Chapters Books) later told me my order had been 'lost in the mail' as this books' price skyrocketed to over 10x what I paid them. They said they wouldn't re-send my order, could not ship using certified delivery, and simply refunded my purchase price after much discussion turned argument. Extremely unpleasant vendors, whom I filed a complaint against with both Amazon UK and Amazon USA, neither of which responded. I've just placed another order today through your page link. Maybe this time...?

It must be real. The first turned-out-to-be-false announcement came to me from The Books Depository. I ordered it immediately, but within a day it was cancelled. This time I received no notice, so I take that to mean it's true.

According to the Book Depository, mine was shipped yesterday.

Book Depository notification service is pretty much a pre order, with the advantage that when the book is available they notify you and you can then proceed with the expenditure.

It's always worked fine for me and I've found that if BD doesn't have the item most others don't either; BD is probably big enough to have first dibs from publishers.

Thanks for telling us. I placed an order yesterday through Amazon. They say the book will be shipped within 1 to 3 month. I hope the time doesn't multiplicate as the price in the first run.

I've had an order in with Amazon.com for this book since the second time it became available (around April or May ...). The order is still good and says:


Hopefully soon now. :-)


I don't believe print-on-demand technology is anywhere near up to the quality levels needed for at-all-serious photo books yet. Probably won't be any time soon.

Which is a pity for all the obvious reasons, etc.

And, which is why digital display is going to be the big breakthrough for "photo books" (quoted because it changes the whole concept). Have you looked at the quality of Apple's "retina display", or the new Nexus 7 tablet (or even the older Nexus 10)? Those things are up over 300 pixels per inch on the display surface. They look wonderful, far better than any book I've seen. There is the problem of the limited size of course.

Back in January, when it was unavailable on Amazon UK, I ordered instead from a small independent photo book specialist in Scotland, 'Beyond Words'. I've never used them before, and have no other connection. Maybe due to the TOP effect, they had too many on-line orders over the weekend for the stock they held, and offered to keep my order pending for as long as I wanted. I had an email from Neil McIlwraith very early this morning (31 Aug) to say my copy was in the post, and I should expect it by late Monday (not a public holiday, here in the UK). I'm all agog.

For those who miss this (or another) opportunity, don't forget there's a thing called the library!

Better, most good libraries will make inter-library loans for free, meaning that they will do their best to find you a copy. University libraries are stellar in this respect. If you're going to college, regardless of what you study, that's a great benefit you can never exhaust.

Case in point: about a year ago I put in a request for Johan Van der Keuken Paris Mortel. It's one of the scarcest, most sought after 1950s photobooks, and one that's never been reprinted since.

Well, it took them a whole year, but eventually, my university library managed not only to locate a copy in a library in Germany (I'm in Canada), but to photocopy the whole thing, so that it's now sitting on my shelf (and good thing it's black and white photo!) besides my other little treasures.

Do not despair if you cannot own; with the help of a library, at least you can experience!

My copy from 'Beyond Words' turned up on Monday, as promised. It's a lovely thing. Thanks, Mike, for the recommendation.

Amazon UK aren't currently offering it but, spurred on by the subtle aroma of unobtainium, I checked the Book Depository and found it there. And then added Abelardo Morrell and the new edition of Saul Leiter for good measure. (Yes, I ordered via your link.) Get thee behind me, Mike.

Still awaiting an updated release date for Trent Parke's "Minutes to Midnight" from Steidl...

I just received an order-update from Amazon UK stating a revised delivery date: September 10

I heard from Amazon UK today. My order (from 5 January this year) has been sent out with an estimated delivery date of this Friday, 6 September. Eight months, almost to the day (if it arrives!).

I ordered mine from Ebay UK on Friday and it arrived Wednesday (yesterday), and my order from Amazon is still 'pending'.

I have seen many of the photographs individually before, but what is staggering in the book is the way they continue from page to page at such a stunning level of quality. Halfway through and I'm feeling like a complete jerk who can't use a camera, but you should never stop learning, and Pentti really does serve up some lessons.

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