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Friday, 30 August 2013


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What's chances we could see every (judged) entry all in one place, as opposed to in three batches? I'd love to see a gallery.
Still I'd probably like the turkey guy the best.
My criteria is "oh man. I wish I made that frame."

Hey Mike! What about that pic that youCOULDN'T publish?

I've just spent a very enjoyable hour looking up some of the contestants to see more of their work online. Well worth the effort.

It's interesting to note that the shortlist is almost entirely male.

I'm not saying, at all, that this is anything to do with your judging. I guess it's more likely down to the fact that photography is probably skewed a little in favour of male participants anyway, and I guess that reading about photography on the internet is skewed a little that way too.

Anyway, like I said, I'm not accusing anyone of anything, it's just interesting to note.

I'm impressed with the way some of the older photographs arrive with detailed caption information, the B/W photo from Troy, NY, in particular. Having lived for years in Troy I feel like I want to go back one day and see that doorway he was in front of. I don't even know if that building is even there still but it would be cool if it was.

Just curious, do the comments and ratings influence the final decision in any way?

"Anyway, like I said, I'm not accusing anyone of anything, it's just interesting to note."

Generally anytime there is any list of photographers, artists, authors, etc. published, someone will comment that the list skews male since that is almost always the case.

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