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Friday, 09 August 2013


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Hi Mike,

Can I just clarify what you mean about the photo being "unpublished"? I have a photo that has been on my website/blog only - does that mean it's been published?


A prize might be "Better than bubblegum and a new propeller for your beanie" . . . That's a very creative way to solve the problem of the D800 ownership! ;o)

If it's vertical, should it still be 800 pixels wide, or should it be 800 pixels tall?

I can't believe you're giving away your D800 :)

Hi Mike, sorry if this is a dumb question: if I've posted a picture on Flickr, does that count as "previously published"? I suspect it does, although I hope it doesn't! And for the benefit of other readers, what else might count as published or not published? Thanks!

[No, that's okay. --Mike]

Well I'm stumped. I don't think I have any photographs that could remotely be categorized as "people working", not even bad ones. It's all family, leisure, or artistic pursuit. Now, if the category were "adorable pictures of your three-year-old daughter" I might have a few contenders.

Not a topic I shoot very much, though I've sent a shot along as per the instructions. If nothing else, it's on I enjoy and it's always good to share things like that. Thank you for the opportunity.

This reminds me that I really do need to curate and tag my photos. I just submitted my entry. Thanks for doing this!

I also question what 800 pixels wide means, and since I have entered a portrait format picture felt I should send one of each in two separate emails, one 800 pixels tall, and one 800 pixels wide. It would have also been better to know the dpi, 72dpi (for instance) would have made the file sizes smaller.

Huh, Flickr doesn't count as published? That's not what I would have expected. I guess that's true of stuff on personal websites, too?

I think I'll send something new anyway.

Mike, It's been a pain to put a picture in the body of the email. I never needed or wanted to do that in my life. Turns out that most web mail services don't allow it. I had to use for the first time the mail app from the OSX to do it.

Sorry about the four emails, the last one should work, I hope.

Mike, beginner's mistake - you should've included a file size limit. Isn't hindsight wonderful?

Many people don't realise a web photo should be be resized at 72dpi. That would account for the large file sizes you are receiving.

[Hi Lynn, No, 800 pixels is 800 pixels on screen. Resolution settings don't matter. --Mike]

Well, after reading TOP for the last six years I finally decided to participate in something! Thank you for an interesting topic, I shall now put this topic title on my list for future "people working" motifs!

I entered a shot that I took today just because of your specified topic. Actually, I shot four very different subjects that I felt complied with your criteria, and then had to choose between them to meet the "single entry" criteria - harder than I expected. Thanks for providing an incentive to push the shutter button on a slightly different subject than is usual for me.

Like one of the comments above, I was not certain whether or not to interpret your "800 pixels wide" rule literally, or to treat it as 800 pixels on the long dimension. I finally decided to interpret you literally.

- Tom -

@Steve Barnett: When the pixel dimensions are set, changing the dpi won't do anything to the size of the picture. Dpi is mostly only of intrest when you want to print, then you can specify the print size and dpi and the pixel dimensions are calculated accordingly.

Can I echo what Steve Barnett said - for the internet it makes no difference WHATSOEVER what dpi is set. The only thing that matters is how many pixels long (or tall) the image is.

Mike, I was looking forward to entering, but instructions came on the eve of a busy weekend.
I hope this is successful and you do it again.

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