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Thursday, 08 August 2013


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With that turn around, its going to need digital rather than analogue output, and this on the day my partner and I have our first date in 2 years. I guess we'd better take our cameras.

Well, it's not Henri Cartier-Bresson's birthday until August 22 so it can't be "street photography day" (yet).


How do i enter..... how do i enter!!!

Dang, I'll be camping...but that's a prize in itself.

If the questions for the contest are about cutting a shoe insert to accommodate a plantar fascia on the left foot, I'm gonna win some cool swag!!

Oh please don't let it be a contest that involves taking photos. That would be just preposterous on this photography blog.

Saturday in the US seems to occur about 2 days later than here, (is it the metric system?) but do I load the 6x9 or not?

Once again: it would be terribly nice if you could add an indication in UTC to your time infos. We Europeans are totally lost on if you're currently on central eastern winter daylight wasting time or whatever. Thanks a lot.

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