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Sunday, 04 August 2013


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Maybe you've done this before? (I'm a somewhat recent follower of this blog, so very little history for me to recall.)

I would like to be able to buy a well-executed printed color, and a B&W, print, done with a current ink jet printer and their usual ink set, either Epson or Canon, and along with the print, be able to download its raw file, so that I could try to match the result, and without any sort of how-to guide except for identifying the paper manufacturer and type.

(And yes, I'm fond of single-sentence paragraphs.)

Had you done it? Would you do it?


Mike said: "I'm really very enthusiastic about where I am with digital B&W right now (finally)."

So ... does this mean that the dungeon darkroom has been relegated to the "projects that were started and lavished with significant funds and elbow grease but are now likely to fade into oblivion" category?

You can have a look how it compares against a film shot here:

it's a nice shot but I think you have stronger work to sell...


Yes, please!

It's a terrific "timeless moment" captured...which is the highest goal of photography. This image should have wide appeal for your print sale.

As soon as I saw your picture earlier, Mike, I thought that it had great saleability, for me it's a real standout. Congratulations and good luck with it, it has 'legs'.
(I think it would work as a 12x16).
Mark Walker

I'll take one if you bump up the saturation of a bit. ;)

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