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Thursday, 08 August 2013


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Oh Mike, you saucy temptress, you do entice me so. I’m stuck between flipping my E-3 & E-5 kit over to dual OMD’s, and holding out just a BIT longer for the supposed “high end OMD” that’s in the pipe. Oy.

WOW! Save $150 on a camera that's already $500 overpriced. Whoop-de-doo, as Jacky Gleason used to say.

Now there's a heck of a way to remind me that I'd really love to have a current gen m4/3's body. OTOH, I'm having fun with finally having a 17/2.8 prime on my elderly (hah!) E-PL1.

Like this, for instance: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-cT1iJJTSTMc/Uf_SL4H01RI/AAAAAAAAFJE/DFOTqFToKgw/s512/_8051699.JPG

Pure fun.

From my recent testing, I'm fairly sure the E-PL5 also uses the same sensor.

I love the image quality out of my O-MD & its handling: it's resigned both my SLR and rangefinder to the cupboard. It's also nice to use with manual lenses (from afore-mentioned rangefinder).

Smokin' deal for smokin' camera. Completely agree that the image quality is luscious.

Jayson, either way, you may as well hold out just a bit longer. I'm hoping for a good deal on a used OM-D EM5 when the new camera comes out.

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