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Friday, 09 August 2013


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I went to B&H to see what the VF-4 would cost and found a link to the camera with the VF-4 view finder for the same cost as without the VF-4 viewfinder listed in one of the links in the article.

That's a $280 saving if it can be believed.

The link: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/971399-REG/olympus_v204053su000_e_p5_mirrorless_digital_camera.html

Fourteen hundred and fifty dollars.

OK, that's all I needed to know. No need to read part two.

A thinking-man's description of the E-P5, Gordon. Well done. I'm eager to see the next part (as soon as Mike digs out from a blizzard of contest images).

Olympus really broke new ground when it introduced its original E-P1 digital Pen design in 2009. Unfortunately I found the design to exceed the execution, as might be expected for nearly any 1.0 attempt. Nevertheless, I did follow along with the Pen series and currently have an E-P3 which represents, if not giant strides forward, at least significant evolutionary forward engineering.

The E-P5 (what happened to the "E-P4"?) sounds like it has smartly amalgamated some features of the OMD E-M5, a very natural and positive evolution. BTW, I love Oly's touch-sensitive screen (for both shooting and playback). Integrated on a tiltable LCD, as it is on the E-M5, is a wonderful feature not to be discounted. (Sony offers such a feature on their NEX-5N but, sadly, not on the 7.) I sometimes use my E-M5 specifically to use the tilt touch-screen to avoid lifting the camera to my face.

If I didn't have an E-M5 the E-P5 would seem very tempting, indeed.

Bring on your samples, Gordon!

[As to the "E-P4," four is an unlucky number in various parts of the far east, and Asia is the primary market for mirrorless cameras--they're much more popular there than here. I don't know this for a fact of course, but I suspect that might be what's behind the naming. --Mike]

That's a nice review. Couple of points:

1. If you have Olympus (or Metz, and I think Nissin too) flashes designed the system, that weak, built in flash will control them nicely. It's nice for playing with off camera flash in a casual kind of way.

2. Low light shooting: This may seem counter intuitive, but I've had some decent(ish) results, at least with the older 12MP sensor, by doubling the ISO and pushing the exposure one stop (obviously, raw). Caveat YMMV.

Why aren't product names with the number 4 used in East Asian cultures, (especially Chinese, Vietnamese, the Korean and the Japanese cultures)?

Because number 4 (shi, si or similar) sounds like the word for "death" in the same language.


e.g. like triskaidekaphobia, the Western European fear of 13, you'll find buildings that are missing floor 4 in elevators.

On the other hand 7 is a very lucky number in these cultures hence it's prevalance in Japanese product names (DX7, D70, D700, D7000, P7000, P7100, P7700, etc, etc).

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