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Thursday, 29 August 2013


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Friends are great, I really like the concept of analyzing your interests and predicting who would enjoy one's company more. I think this something I do subconsciously but it would be a fun exercise to undertake more formally specially if we go around asking people we have met whether they felt I was more interested in them than they were in me.

Paris is not too hard as long as someone will drive you to the airport, the pilot doesn't get lost, and the cab driver can find your Paris hotel. Paris is lovely; we rented an apartment for two weeks in 2010 and hard a wonderful time.

"Revivifying" - sounds like a perfectly chosen word for the occasion. And, wow, I really hope you make it to Paris for one of Peter's workshops - cannot wait to see some of your photos from the City of Light.


This reminds me of my job as an IT consultant. In our line of work, we engage our offshore delivery centers to do work, so a lot of our work is by phone, instant messenger, or email.

Isn't it great to just meet someone you've been working with for years? There's no replacement for a face-to-face meeting.

I guess I have to look forward to the next TOP meetup in Paris!


Your approach to photography in comparison to Peter Turnley's is like comparing Marcel Proust to Hunter S. Thompson. Common ground: both approaches are equally valid.

I prefer being revitalized or reinvigorated, each of which sound less like something a discombobulated politician would say. No offence mind.

Curious as to why the M Monochrom? You and Peter have any discussion about that?

Well that's just so cool. Great story.

Sounds like a wonderful day. I hope you pulled some great stories out of him... he's got a few!

[Ken, on the way back to the hotel I got regaled with one of the greatest lost-camera stories I've ever heard. One I'm not allowed to repeat, very unfortunately. But...yeah. --Mike]

Your reply to Steve Rosenblum: "What, and break that nice Leica?" sounds just like my family when I try to take their picture. It alternates with "don't take my picture, it makes me look ugy". And did you take any pix at the Harleyfest?

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