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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


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Well, I'm glad I haven't gotten around to updating yet...

To err is human, but to really screw things up you need a ripping fast processor.

Thanks for the warning. Note that this bug is mentioned as "still in Lightroom 5", implying it has been there a while.

I don't generally use publish services, I prefer to manage what I want to publish to Flickr manually, outside of Lightroom. So I've not run ino this bug.

More detail about how the bug comes about? Is it just a missing warning dialog? Is it a serious glitch if you hold down cmd+alt+7 (I made that up - don't know if that does anything) or what?

I used to write software. There are no "bugs", they are defects.

When I was getting my radiation treatments, I was tempted to wear my dosimeter from work to verify the dose - though I would have had to wear it in an, uh, unusual location. But I am sure the Radiation Protection folks would not have appreciated that.

If you don't have a backup strategy in place, this would be a very good time to start. IMHO, to be even moderately sane, you need AT LEAST three copies of every file.

I've a lot of respect for Jeffrey, but I consider he's screaming too loudly about an obscure and unlikely conjunction of events. It means people don't read his "In any case, I continue to find what's new in Lr5 indispensable, and I heartily recommend it".

"Note that this bug is mentioned as "still in Lightroom 5", implying it has been there a while." According to the August1 update note, it's "still" there from the LR 5 beta.

I never use those "publish" services, so I'm safe.

Photo Bug -


Glad I'm still using LR3....

This also goes along with the bug of not applying sharpening to images when exporting them if they are certain sizes. This bug has not been fixed yet either. Still staying with LR4 for this reason.


I think if you're going to pass on a two and a half month old item about a bug, it's incumbent on you to also pass on any news around about what is being done about the bug. In this case Adobe released a release candidate of the fix for this and a few other bugs in LR5 some weeks ago . The actual maintenance release should be coming out fairly soon since the RC has now been out for a while.

It is important that people should know that there is a bug, but it's just as important that they know what is currently happening when the info being given about the bug is as old as it is.

[Hi David, All the information is there in the link, if you follow the further links at the bottom of each page. --Mike]

Back up!

Mike, it might make an interesting article to cover backup strategies for hobby photographers. Just a thought.

This is one possible result of the "creeping featurism" bloat that inflates programs into realms far beyond what's reasonable. I remember Lightroom 1 came in one file of 30 or 40 MB. It was clean and fast. I'm going to stick with LR 4 for quite a while.

Note to self: learn appropriate radiation doses if I ever get cancer... Bad enough when cancer kills you, but when the treatment does!?! My photos are backed up on two separate systems, be nice to know my oncologist was verifying radiation dosages on another program, huh? Yikes.

Hi Mike,

My name is Sharad Mangalick and I'm a Product Manager on the Lightroom team. We're well aware of this particular issue and are assessing potential options, but I just want to point out a workaround:

- When viewing images in the Publish Service panel within the Library Module, ensure that you are selecting images using the Filmstrip. This will ensure that the correct images are selected.

Feel free to shoot me any follow up questions by contacting me on twitter @smangalick


The moral of the story? Create and manage your own filing system, and don't rely on a computer programmer you've never met to do it for you. If you are even halfway organised you'll usually find it easier to locate the older stuff that way as well.

I am not diminishing the due criticism for this issue, but I think it needs to be placed in proper context: it is an issue when you have selected images in one of the two possible ways, within a dedicated module of the program which may not be used at all (as others have commented already).

Lightroom has a lively and demanding body of users, and is inherently complex by its nature... after all, this has the capacity to completely handle electronic images more or less end-to-end.

So there are a lot of opportunities for problems to emerge, and a lot of extremely close and critical monitoring for these problems by end users - which is a good thing.

If you dip your cup into (for example) user forums, as with many products, in fact - then you may come away with the impression that Lightroom is riddled with problems, or even fundamentally flawed in its principles.

The thing is: the better the product, the more "let down" people feel where it misses the mark - and thus, the more passionate their complaints.

There will be users who are not affected materially by these complained-of issues... but there is much less incentive and motivation to report that online - they will tend to be under-represented. This is partly because if they do present their own experiences, they may be accused of being shills or fanboys (or whatever the currently favoured slur may be). It is mainly because, they have no reason to participate in online discussions of the product at all; they can just get on with using it.

Of course, there are also people who seize on every specific problem, in support of a view that the product is generally unsatisfactory; or merely, that it ought to be unrealistically flawless.

I hadn't gotten around to upgrading to LR4 and think I may not for awhile. Unlikely I would encounter either of above mentioned bugs but I'm quite happy with LR4, 'open in' PS and plugins.

I've been using LR since it started. One of the nice things about well-designed "complex" software is that you can choose to operate it in a non-complex way.
For me, in Lightroom, that means:
View it(Library)
Develop it.
Print it.
VERY occasionally, Export a file.
Personally, I have never even opened or looked at the thing that says "Publish"
Also, it should be impossible in the described scenario to lose images, since the files are already copied to other HDDs that LR doesn't even know about....riiiight?
Should the defect be fixed? Of course. But editing with the only available copy of a file is, well, shall we say- Ill advised!

Always remember to check the contents of your Trash/Recycle Bin before emptying it.

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