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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


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Sounds like you received bomb threats or the like ;-)

Good grief Mike - are there really people who get so upset your opinion differs to theirs that you have to explain yourself to them? Jeez, if you post something that is obviously wrong or say something that I don't like (ie I don't agree with it) then I just assume it's because you don't know what you're talking about, and I can take comfort in knowing that I know better than the great Mike Johnston!*

* SA ;-)

Dare I say most of us understood that from the start? :-)

Funny. I have a camera with a video feature and I don't even know how to find it, much less turn it on. I guess it's about what you need and when you need it.

Hey, I'm feeling like the proverbial "kid in a candy store" trying to gather motion & audio whilst shooting stills. Sure it's difficult, especially the audio, but the end result, "some quality time with my subjects!"

Same here. I don't know a codec from a Kodak but I'm sure glad lots of talented people do, so I can enjoy their work.

I hope one day the big DSLR manufacturers institute an "All Video Features Off" mode that puts all the video stuff in the background and disables all the physical buttons associated with it. I appreciate that they have to put video capabilities in the bodies nowadays, but I never want to use it. I want the full resources just dedicated to still photography.

It's like watching snow boarders on a ski slope. I know, I'm never gonna try it... admire their skills... but generally... sigh....I hate to say it... I don't like them ;-)

I've enjoyed doing video/movie stuff off and on since highschool. It's frustrating trying to do it by yourself and not having enough hands.

What I find really cool is working with a good crew who actually know what they're doing (which means I'm doing something lowly like camera asisstant, where I actually knew roughly what I was doing), and had the right equipment, and so forth. My best experience there was a friend's try at a no-budget feature back in 1994 (on 16mm film), where we had good people in all the craft positions.

Trying to do one-person micro-documentaries has so far been more frustrating than productive; I don't have enough hands or the right equipment.

Yeah, I never thought I'd take video with my Canon 7D, but then I became a grandparent.... never thought I'd be a doting grandpa, but I am... now have a library of lovely videos from my Oly Pen EP3. 'nuff sed.

Actually, the menu in my Panasonic G3 lets me turn off the video button, which I hit by accident a few times. Problem solved.

Just "shooting" with my Zeiss Ikon today in Downtown Los Angeles (the hit or miss Cosina one). Though, no one made any comment on my retro camera.Perhaps, real hipsters haven't quite reached LA yet?

I wouldn't mind giving it a go, since I've hardly done any cinematography since my school days, which was on clockwork standard 8, and 16mm cameras.

I wonder what happened to all the films we made.

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