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Thursday, 15 August 2013


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Funny. I was instantly reminded of another ficticious headline: 'Alien Marries Bicephallous Elvis Clone'. I think I read that one on a Calvin & Hobbes strip.
Elvis Presley is an eternal inspiration for jokes. It's wrong to make a mockery of a dead person, of course - but who can resist?
(Incidentally, and though most TOP readers may be unfamiliar with the electronica that hailed from Vienna in the 90's, one of my favourite tunes is Tosca's 'Chocolate Elvis'.)

Are the ripped-off sideburns for sale? I can't find the link.


OR daughter gives birth to own mother. Film at 11:00
It IS getting crazy huh?

There was a guy (Bulgarian, I think) who several years ago cut his own head off with a chainsaw to settle a bar bet. He lost.

"if I remember..."
You are not alone. I bought a book last night and did not use your link to Amazon. Maybe a donation to TOP will help me to remember next time.

You may want to remind readers that they need to click your link, put it in the shopping cart and purchase all in the same session or you won't get credit.

My apologies, I forgot and picked up something (small) yesterday. It won't happen again.

I recall a news story several years back which described how a rancher died. He pulled up to a gate to his property (in the middle of nowhere) and got out to open the gate. His dog in the cab hit the gearshifter and the truck pinned him, resulting in his death. Sadly, the dog died sometime later (can't recall if it was heat related or starving or what). The headline I imagined for the story was 'Dog Kills Owner, Self'. All true!


Mike, you could claim to have an article about which digital camera took the most popular pictures of Elvis.

This makes me lonesome for Batboy

"Elvis Presley is an eternal inspiration for jokes. It's wrong to make a mockery of a dead person, of course - but who can resist?"
Elvis is NOT dead, Manuel! Please quit spreading noxious rumors.

"9 year old girl gives birth to 5,000 year old Egyptian Mummy" (Weekly World News, c.1980s)

And here I thought you were just using a clever, but obtuse, title for Part 2 of the camera review from Gordon.


I put a bookmark labeled just 'Amazon' in my bookmarks bar, which has TOP's Amazon link. That way I don't have to remember! I am a big Amazon fan, with Prime, and get all kinds of stuff all year long. I am happy that a tiny bit of it benefits a writer I read every day.

Mike, I buy a fair amount of stuff from Amazon, and more often than not I remember to buy through your links. But I don't have a kindle; I have a nook -- an e-reader marketed by Barnes & Noble. I feel a twinge of guilt every time I but an e-book for my nook. Any chance you can recruit B&N as an affiliate?

Perfect timing. Just was looking at a Macbook Air for my daughter and got one through Amazon. So yes, the reminders help.

Sometimes when I go buy something I am left unsure whether clicking the link through TOPS actually worked. Is there a way to obtain a feedback from the merchant's site, saying something like, "Your purchase was linked from TOPS" or some such phrase?

You've not truly reached the bottom until you have headlines like "Is this the cataclysm that will cause Canon to buy Nikon for cheap?" Of course the story's final sentence will state that no, Canon won't buy Nikon and there was no cataclysm. In the meantime it's clicksville for T.O.P.

As a SE Asian (Manila) resident, I'm frustrated that I can't use TOP's links to source my purchases (small accessories mostly, but also tripod/ballhead and MF lenses which aren't likely to breakdown within the warranty period).

But not anymore. Fortunately for me, a cousin of mine in NY state has kindly agreed that I use her address as my default U.S. shipping address. I can now use TOP's links for stateside purchases!

I also use "wish lists" but only to organize prospective purchases. However, buying items from one's wish list won't help TOP at all because none of it will be credited to Mike.

What I do when buying through TOP's links is, as follows:

1) List down the store's code(s) for the item(s) from my wish list on a piece of paper or copy and paste to Notepad. (For example: B&H# BWCPC39 is BH's store code for a B+W 39mm Circular Polarizer);

2) Delete the item(s) from my wish list (or the entire wish list if no longer needed);

3) Open TOP's links to Amazon, BH, etc.;

4) Enter or copy and paste the item's store code on the search box at the link and add to cart (in sequence for multiple items);

5) Check-out (Steps #3 to #5 done in one session/visit only)

My cousin also kindly agreed to ship to me the items I'm buying via USPS. USPS (online) First Classs International Package is the cheapest means to ship by air (up to 1 kg and $400 declared value; <= 2 wks transit). For heavier and higher value items or if you're in a hurry, USPS Priority mail service is cheaper than Fedex or UPS. Mainly because of the latter's pre-paid customs charges.

TIP: Here's a workaround if your billing address is different from your shipping address: Buy yourself a gift card* and use that for payment. There's no expiration date for any leftover change.

(Not available at BH though whose gift card is a physical card delivered by snail mail! One of those things which makes BH endearing/exasperating. They're still essentially a Mom & Pop store.)

I wish TOP were an affiliate of KEH (who apparently don't need any help selling used equipment).*

*Mike, do you get a cut from a gift card bought through TOP's links? Or only from the items bought with the card?
Re Keh: They may not need any help selling used gear. But they just might need your help buying used gear that TOP readers want to sell. (Keh is aggressively promoting their used gear buying campaign.)

This definitely bears repeating and I won't fault you for doing so. I forget that most of the time I could be a TOP benefactor while making every day purchases.

Sheesh, I write a blog and I still end up buying photo books here. If I do it everyone else should too.

Support Mike. He does great work!

So Book Depository when saved as a Bookmark will have the TOP suffix? Mine does but it's quite a while ago that I set it so I may have been helping TOP along as I've spent quite a lot there in the last years.

Others may like to check them out, very good and for me better than Am*z*n. Less nosy too.

One of the best headlines ever – though not in a tabloid – was The Times reporting that Michael Foot was to preside over a nuclear disarmament committee: "Foot Heads Arms Body"


How about this for a headline:

"Photographer expresses personal opinion on popular photography forum and does NOT get his head severed"

Now that would be newsworthy, wouldn't it :-)

Australian official steps down after sexting pic of genitals in red wine
That's a good one, and what's more - it is true.

Just to say that I buy all my Amazon and Book Depository stuff through your site, and very glad to do so. A possible suggestion: one of the main suppliers of photo equipment in the UK is WEX, www.wexphotographic.com. You might think of getting in touch with them to arrange a deal like the one with B&H. On balance they are cheaper than Amazon, so my big photographic purchases tend to go through them.

For which I apologize...though my hugely inflated book buying habit does something to compensate for that lapse.

Part of me really wanted to see a picture of female Elvis impersonators fighting.

On NPR this morning was a mention that the guy who wrote the "Headless Body Found in Topless Bar" headline was laid off from the Post this week.

Favorite tabloid headline (from the 70's): "Man swallows nails - rusts to death!"

Just goes to show you dept. for Jim Huges:


According to Romenesko, the guy that wrote that great headline (hed in the business), was just fired after years of good work!

Just Bought some books, keep up the reminders

Mike, you may want to add an editorial remark to Anne's featured comment to clarify that we, The Readers, can *help TOP* by buying everything through your link. I am a frequent Amazon buyer (books and other sundry items) and not once did I think to buy it from your link (at least until I read Anne's forehead-slapping, OMG, comment).

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