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Saturday, 10 August 2013


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Great! Nothing is as fungible as cash.

I would've not known what to do with the Big Dragoon, if it were the grand prize and I were to win!-)

Thank you, Mike, for the call. I'm one of those who joined from the rest of the world. It's an honor just to participate.

I hope TOP will also hold a caption contest. (Mike provides the picture; winners get a "priceless" prize, say, a photo critique by Anonymous).

Yeah - THANKS mystery donor!

My thanks to the donor.

Very generous indeed, thanks to the donor of the prize fund. Thought that the prize may be a photography related gadget of some sort, but this was a surprise.

Looking forward to seeing the selected images.

I had a great "work" photo but I was too busy working all day Saturday to submit it. Someone has to grease to wheels of capitalism on the weekends. Why is it always me?

Not announcing any prices up front was the only reason I didn't enter the contest... Yeah, that's the ticket ;-)

Good luck everyone. Sure most shots are worthy.

Looking forward to see the winners.

Almost feels like film waiting to develop ;-)


I was in the middle of nowhere when the competition was announced (literally - http://goo.gl/maps/YnAzW), but sounds like it was fun.

Personally, I'm going to try and use this as a learning exercise in reading photographs, by seeing what I can get out of the semifinalists' efforts. Kind of playing amateur art critic. That way, if I apply myself & learn something, I might come out a winner too.

Wow, the bit about prizes mustn't have registered,I sent a picture just for the sake of sharing!

Many thanks to the donor!

+1 to Tim F. That's the right spirit for an event like this on TOP.

Many thanks to the mystery donor. It feels good just to know that I've made the effort to enter. I look forward to seeing what other people have come up with.

I entered for the fun of it - someone has to make up the numbers of non-winners, and I might even learn a bit in the process. Thanks to Mike and the donor.

What John Ironside said. Plus, I liked that the prizes were still in the ether.

NO! NO! No!

Everyone knows that third prize is, "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Seriously, very cool.

Sorry I missed it though I am not sure I would have had a good photo that would fit. Maybe next time you could mention it on Twitter too, Mike.

[Augh! You're right, I should have. Sorry. --Mike]

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