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Friday, 30 August 2013


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How can you do any better than TOP Books? Sounds like a top shelf book and has a built in link to your website.

I am very disappointed that we won't get to see Mark Surloff's book for some time.

[Hi Ram, Me too, but Mark's pictures range from traditional 4x5 B&W negatives to conversions from small-sensor color digicam files, and I want to hire Ctein to prep the images for the press so the files will have the highest possible consistency. That will take some time and some money. As I said some time back, I'm hoping each book will earn enough to pay for the next one. --Mike]

I hope the delay of Mark Surloff's book won't be too long. I've really been looking forward to it.

say it ain't so!

what about a ctein, carl weese, or, *ahem* mike johnston photobook?

Didn't there used to be a TOP camera, many years ago (like 45 years ago) ?

[Hi Paul, Topcon (Tokyo Kogaku) built cameras from 1937 to 1981, including the RE Super of 1963, the first SLR with open-aperture TTL metering. The company still exists, as an affiliate of Toshiba. --Mike]

Please, add this one to TOP's first book:


I am happy that you are announcing your intentions to ask for photographs for the book.

Last two times I missed sending one: the first time (first reader contest) since I took my time to decide and I was waiting for the next request, that never came; this last time I just missed it, it happened in one of the few weeks that I have not consistently read the blog.

None is your fault, just bad luck, but I will be alert now, just participating in the contest and getting some feedback (if I pass the first round that is) will be a very nice experience.

I am looking forward to see the resulting book.

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