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Thursday, 25 July 2013


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Photoshop Disasters seems to concentrate on mere mistakes-errors created mostly through haste and carelessness, really.
The true disasters via Photoshop are the ones where the final creation is ugly, in bad taste, and DELIBERATE. The illustration accompanying Kennerdell's "Got Real" article comes to mind.

They're ahead of their time. People laughed at Picasso too, you know?

Nos 10 & 11 of those ads remind me of a technique I once tried back in the wet darkroom days. In the darkroom you smear sunscreen over your face including both sides, take a sheet of unexposed printing paper and press that around your face getting as much contact with your skin as possible, then develop the paper. You end up with a negative image of your face with the same kind of wrap-around effect, the more skin contact with paper the more detailed the image. I heard about this technique and tried it in the early '70s but never got as good an image as some I saw in the magazine article describing the technique.

I wonder where whoever wrote that article got the idea.

That is something that happens regularly in the nation of Japan...Hands coming out of ears, mouths, butts, stomachs, %^#$%'s and eyes. It's because they live on an island and space is at a premium. So, the people have learned to live i n s i d e of other people.

The simpler possibility is a schoolmate is sitting on the floor to the subject's right with and the friend on the floor has draped her arm over the seated girl's thigh. Slightly odd situation, perhaps, but no Photoshop needed.

Mike Johnston wrote:
> Some poor Japanese schoolboy is going to get totally
> freaked out by this young lady some day soon.

A local variant of this cosmopolitan myth, possibly (^^;

Here I go, risking being wrong in public...

Anyway, about 13 years ago I read an article in some kind of journal published by what was then the Ministry of Education. So, apologies if some of the details are not spot on, but the general gist should be fine.

It explained what is believed to be the origin of Japan's summer ghost mania. From memory, it stated that there exists a certain type of soil in many parts of Japan and that bodies buried in this soil (pre Buddhist / cremation times) decompose to produce a particular kind of gas. Under the right conditions (i.e. the rainy season) this gas can escape, and upon contact with oxygen turns into a blue glowing ball which floats above the ground.

That's why, apparently, summer is the ghost season and the areas with a preponderance of ghost stories in Japan are also those areas with this particular soil type.

Or, rather than some association with blue gas, ghost stories and myths or even that always responsible Zen stuff, it could just be a photo that isn't what it seems. Like this: http://bit.ly/1aWtS50

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