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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


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As an editorial aside, Ctein's title this week made me laugh: of course you can read it as "Tea with Jon and Bill (Oh, tea!)

Mike the Ed.

I don't often drink tea, but when I do, I prefer Lapsang Souchong and its full flavor.Also, on a cold wintery night, after a time shoveling snow in the cold, nothing is better than a mug of LS with a shot of Bajan rum to warm you up.

Ctein, the next time you are at TeaSource, mosey on over to Annona Gourmet, a half block or so north at 2907 Pentagon Drive, next to a bookstore at the end of the row. They specialize in olive oils and balsamic vinegars, and encourage taste testing. Our favorite for all-around use is a lightly flavored lemon balsamic, but the chocolate, blueberry, and other flavors are also tasty and none are overdone.

I love drinking tea, but I never knew they made tea logs. That thing is huge!

Always happy to see a tea post.

Ctein's description of good new raw puer taste like good green tea with muscle was very apt. I think they should be brewed very similar to semi-fermented tea like iron-Buddha. One minute in boiling water is way too long. Around 20 seconds will do. My experience was that the best brew is from the third to the sixth. A good batch can stand up to 15 brews.

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